Friday, January 28, 2011

New for 2011 - Participating in a Sketchbook Exchange!

Moleskine Exchange Round 3 2nd in my own book

I've always been a fan of Mike Kline's when he invited me to participate in a sketchbook exchange with him and 10 other artists, I couldn't say no. We each start off with a Moleskine journal of our choice, (I chose one of the A4 blank journals.) and the way it works is that you do 5 pieces in each book then send it off to the next person. (2 of each of the 5 being collaborative pieces with the person before/after you.) Soooo, I'm struggling a bit with the idea that I'm about to put my own sketchbook in the mail and won't get it back for an entire year. And in that there is a big lesson in letting go. If you would like to follow along, the group blog is located at Moleskine Exchange.

Image above created with artist grade watercolors, Liquitex black gesso and white gel pen.

Mandala: Moleskine Exchange

Piece above created with black gesso, Zinc White paint, Neocolor crayons, wrapping paper & white gel pen.

No Art WIthout Risk: Moleskine Exchange

Image above created with Colleen brand colored pencils, Liquitex black gesso, Cerulean Blue Deep paint mixed with Titanium White, several Blick Matte Acrylic colors and a white gel pen.

Moleskine Exchange Round 3 1st in my own book

Image above created with black gesso and Colleen brand colored pencils.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Found Poetry Project

Found Poetry Project

Project inspired by a workshop taught by my friend Kim McElhatten.

to develop a tradition of
rediscovering yourself
by pointing your compass to where your mind
connects with what delights you in the moment
when you shift your comfort from
only knowing one way
you reinvent the soul and you wake up
to a world where surprises await
one beyond your imagination
find your dreams everywhere

Bits of magazine words glued to black mat board. Decorated with Colleen brand colored pencils. I tore a magazine apart and searched for inspirational words which I cut out & added to a pile. Once finished, I spread them all out and searched for the message.....  I will honestly admit that I worked on this for several hours - from the cutting, choosing, pasting, doodling. I especially took my time with writing the poem - which occasionally had me searching back through the magazine for a letter "s" to pluralize a word or an "ing"... you get the picture. Maybe next time I will be bolder & more spontaneous in my creation.

Video description of my process below. (Hey! my 1st vlog! Woot!)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Before the Mandalas

121006 Blood Orchid

I filled pages in my sketchbooks with obsessive doodles like this. The 1st two were completed in a 5x8" Canson Universal Sketch Book. The others in a pocket sized Moleskine Sketch Book. (I never cared for the paper in the Mole sketchbooks - like writing on a manilla folder - or what we used to call in elementary school, "Oak Tag." These types of doodles all but stopped once I started doing my doodles in circular form 4 years ago.


121306 Purple Flow

121206 Eye of the storm

Moleskine doodle-13

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Biffybeans Transformational Mandala Art Video 2010

Sometime last year, my friend Mike Deaton made a suggestion that I create a video of my art work to be projected on the wall behind the musicians performing in the jam space (known as"The Boilerhouse") at our friend Jim Donovan's Summer Rhythm Renewal Retreat.

The video I created ran for about 40 minutes and it brought tears to my eyes to see my work projected so large and to be enjoyed by so many. Since that time, Mike & I have discussed projecting my work on sides of buildings... in large public spaces.... My mind is still churning with the possibilities...

The video above is a shortened version of what I had put together for the retreat last summer. Once again, Jim Donovan has graciously permitted me to use music from his CD "Pulse." (One of my all-time favorites!) Visit Jim on the web at

PS - This is a link to a short clip from it being projected in the Boilerhouse. I shot the video at the end of the night after having played djembe for two of the funkiest hours ever!
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