Art Workshops, Private Instruction, and Events

2018/2019 Public Workshops and Events

As of 12/01/17, I will consider all invitations to teach or speak at your location. 

NOTE: All of my workshop offerings and classes are process based and experiential in nature as my main goal is to help you to become confident in expressing your creativity without regard for quality. 

Please contact me at 484-893-0336 or e-mail for pricing and availability. 

Available workshops: 

NEW: Art as a Spiritual Practice w/ Stephanie Smith
- Details to come
Mandala Meditation workshop at Moravian College
*Mandala: An Artful Meditation w/ Stephanie Smith

In Mandala: An Artful Meditation, Stephanie Smith will guide workshop participants through simple rhythmic drawing techniques to create a mandala - a sacred form of circular art which can used as a powerful tool for meditation and creative self expression.

Stephanie’s ultimate goal is to encourage creativity without fear of judgment and will empower and inspire those to wishing to bring art into their lives via this immediately accessible technique regardless of prior art experience. 

In “Mandala: An Artful Meditation” you will learn:
    •    How to set a safe space to create
    •    Stephanie’s mandala method
    •    Benefits of creating with intention
    •    Creating art without self-judgment
    •    Using mandalas in your journaling
    •    Making mandalas with found objects
    •    Choosing the right art supplies for you & your budget. 
    •    What to do when wish to improve the overall quality of your creations.

All supplies will be provided, and no prior art experience is necessary. This is typically a two hour workshop but can be adapted from 1-3 hours. 

*Stephanie's longest running & most popular workshop since 2009. 

This workshop can be held at your preferred location.  

Workshop: Creative Goal Setting
Creative Goal Setting

In this workshop, Stephanie offers a variety of activities and practices to help you identify and manage your goals such as, expressive art making, creative visualization, conscious breath work, mindfulness practices and team building activities.

This workshop can be held at your at your preferred location.

Creative Team Building Events! 

Do you have a group of non-artists who would like to learn the value of creative thinking and group creative expression? I can work with groups of up to 50 people in a time frame ranging from 1-2 hours in a Mandala Making Workshop. Group Vision Board Workshops are also available and are be best suited for a 2 hour session.

This workshop can be held at your at your preferred location.

Working in my color/inspiration books
Inspiration Books: A Creative Way of Seeing w/ Stephanie Smith

An “Inspiration Book” is a personal visual reference of simple collages made up of found images organized by color and composition. These collages are designed to strengthen creativity and encourage critical thinking as a visual artist or photographer – though no previous art experience is required and anyone can enjoy this process. 

By looking at large groups of found images, you will learn to quickly recognize similar patterns in color (basic color theory) and general rules of composition. 

Please bring to class: 

* A Pair of Scissors
* Several old magazines to cut up and share with the class. 
* Paint chip samples from the hardware store. (Optional) 

Some supplies will be provided. No art experience is necessary.

This workshop can be held at your preferred location.  

A Mandala Journey: From Paper to Nature w/ Stephanie Smith 

Join local artist/educator and TEDx speaker Stephanie Smith in “A Mandala Journey from Paper to Nature” where you will learn: 

The history of the Mandala; an ancient sacred circular art form and its connection to nature.
A lesson on how to draw a simple Mandala – No art experience required! 
Examples of how to find, and photograph radially symmetrical Mandala designs in nature
PLUS: A hands-on lesson on how to create your own found object mandalas in nature.

This workshop can be held at your preferred location.  

Albrecht Durer Watercolor Pencils
Choosing the Right Art Supplies for YOU 

Would you like to start making art but find yourself overwhelmed by all the available options at the art supply store? Confused by the supply list from your art class?

In "Choosing the Right Art Supplies for YOU", Stephanie will systematically go over the features and benefits of a selection of art materials* for drawing and painting and help you to find which forms of media are best suited to your creative style and budget.

*Typically watercolor paint, acrylic paint, colored pencil, watercolor pencil, graphite pencil, ink pens, artist crayons, brushes, and paper. See some of the materials that Stephanie has tested over the years here. 

This workshop can be held at your preferred location.  

2014 Mandala Art Workshop

How to Create a Manifestation Mandala
An Abundance Workshop w/ Stephanie Smith 

The mandala is a sacred form of circular art. The process of mandala making can be a useful tool for focused meditation. 

In “How to Create a Manifestation Mandala” you will learn:

  • Stephanie’s mandala drawing method
  • The benefits of creating with intention
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Visionary practices to help you manifest what you most desire. 
All supplies will be provided, and no prior art experience is necessary. 

This workshop can be held at your preferred location.  

Creating a Vision Board
Vision Boards
 An Abundance Workshop w/ Stephanie Smith 

Vision Boards are a creative tool to help you manifest your goals, dreams and life desires.

In addition to learning how to create and use a Vision Board in this workshop, you will also learn visionary practices to help you learn more about what you desire in life.

No art experience necessary. If possible, please bring a few of your favorite magazines and a pair of scissors. All other supplies will be provided.

This workshop can be held at your preferred location.  
Sailor Sapporo Fountain Pen
How to Create and Use a Manifestation List
An Abundance Workshop w/ Stephanie Smith

What circumstances do you wish to create in your life? In this workshop, you will learn mindfulness practices and tips on how to envision and manifest what you most desire.

Please bring a pen and a notebook.

This workshop can be held at your preferred location.  
2011 Rhythm Renewal Mandala Workshop
Mindful Creativity
An Abundance Workshop w/ Stephanie Smith

What comes to mind when you think of the word abundance. Is it abundant health? Joy? Energy? Wealth? Employment? Peace? Creativity? Positivity? Success? Blessings? Satisfaction? Whatever abundance means to you, I can offer simple and immediately accessible tools to help move you towards your goals. 

In Mindful Creativity: an Abundance Workshop, you will learn a few simple creative tools which can help you manifest your life's desires such as:
  • Intention setting
  • Creating and using a Personal Mission Statement
  • How to write a Manifestation List
  • How to make a Manifestation Mandala
Bring a pen and a notebook - all other supplies will be provided. No art experience is necessary.

This is typically a three hour group workshop.

This workshop can be held at your preferred location.   

Stephanie's Mandala Coloring Page
Girl's Night Out! Mandala Coloring w/ Stephanie Smith 

Enjoy a peaceful night of meditative mandala coloring with Stephanie Smith. No drawing experience is necessary, as all mandalas will be pre-printed and hand-drawn by Stephanie. Bring your own colored pencils or use Stephanie's. In addition, Stephanie will offer simple meditative breath exercises and mindfullness practices to help deepen the quality of your experience.

This workshop can be held at your preferred location.  

Found Poetry: The Cut-Up 

The "cut-up" is a literary technique based on chance where text is cut up and rearranged to create a new text. The concept can be traced back to the Dadaists of the 1920s, and was popularized in the late 50s and early 60s by writer William S. Burroughs.

No art, writing or poetry experience is necessary.

This workshop can be held at your preferred location.  

Social Media Marketing for Artists 

Stephanie Smith has been utilizing Social Media Networking for her art for over a decade and can help you learn about the features and benefits of sites like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Learn simple strategies on how to begin developing your online presence as an artist.

This workshop can be held at your preferred location.  

Blogging for Artists 

As a professional blogger with over 1800 posts and 3 million page views, Stephanie Smith will talk about three of the most popular blogging platforms: WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr while offering strategies for helping you to develop your personal brand.

This workshop can be held at your preferred location.  

How to Write an Artist Statement 

One of the most important tools for self-promotion is the ability to write a concise artist statement AND to be able to modify it for length or content depending on how and where it will be used.

This workshop can be held at your preferred location.  

2012 Fearless Artmaking Class

Interested in Private Instruction or Creative Mentoring? 

Please contact me at 484-893-0336 or e-mail for pricing and availability. 

Interested in having me offer an Artist Talk or Presentation to your group? 

I enjoy public speaking and would be more than happy to discuss options and availability with you. Please contact me at 484-893-0336 or e-mail

Stephanie Smith speaking at TEDxLehighRiver
As a speaker at TEDxLehighRiver 2016 on the topic of "Art as a Spiritual Practice: What I've Learned from Making 10,000 Mandalas"
Artist Talk to NCC Fine Art students 2014
2014 Artist Talk with NCC Fine Art Students
Guest Panelist for Lehigh Class
2015 Panel discussion with Lehigh University Students (Art Entrepreneurship in the Community)
052910 Mandala Workshop
2015 "Mandala: An Artful Meditation" workshop at Blue Stone Yoga in Bethlehem, PA

To stay updated on my current events: 

**For the most up to date information regarding upcoming workshops, events, etc., please follow my Facebook page: Stephanie Smith's Mandala Art 

Private Mandala workshop at Emmaus Community Center 2015

Previous Workshops, Artist Talks, Presentations, etc.:

"Art as a Spiritual Practice” presented to or at:

Special Topics in Art Therapy Materials & Methods, Cedar Crest College, Allentown, PA 2018
Summer Rhythm Renewal, Loretto, PA 2017

“Mandala: An Artful Meditation” presented to or at:

Summer Rhythm Renewal, Loretto, PA 2009-13
Spiritual Sponsorship Retreat f/ Women in Recovery 2016
Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA 2016 
Emmaus Community Center, Emmaus PA 2015-16
Swain School, Allentown, PA 2014 
Intro to Art Therapy, Cedar Crest College, Allentown, PA 2011-13
heART Series, Banana Factory, Bethlehem, PA 2013
Baum School of Art, Allentown, PA 2012 
South Mountain College, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA 2011 

Additional Workshops from 2012-17:

“Creating a Manifestation List” 2012, 2015-16
"Creative Goal Setting" 2016
“Vision Boards: An Abundance Workshop” 2014
“The Creative Path: An Intro to Manifesting Abundance”  2014-2015
“Creating a Manifestation Mandala” 2014
“Tapping the Source: Learning to Access Your Creative Spirit” co-presented w/ Dr. Kell Morton 2014
“Fearless Artmaking” 2012

Panel Speaker, Artist Talks, etc.:

Lehigh University Women's Center, 2017
Northampton Community College, Fine Art, Bethlehem, PA 2014-2017
Lehigh University, Art Entrepreneurship in the Community, Bethlehem, PA 2014-2015, 2017 
Association for Talent Development Bethlehem, PA 2016
Martin Guitar Company, Nazareth, PA 2016
Moravian College Museum Studies, Bethlehem, PA 2015
“Metamorphosis” Bethlehem, PA 2014
Swain School, Allentown, PA 2014
Parkland Art League, Allentown, PA 2014
Arts Community of Easton, PA 2013

Featured on the PBS 39 WLTV Grammy award-winning television show FOCUS, Stephanie Smith continues to share her processes, practices and personal stories in workshops, spiritual and wellness retreats, and also as a guest presenter at many Lehigh Valley schools, colleges and universities.

Photos and Student Testimonials

Mandala: An Artful Meditation workshop participants at The Banana Factory in Bethlehem, PA
04/13 "Mandala: An Artful Meditation" presented as part of the heART Series at The Banana Factory

"Stephanie is an engaging teacher who has an ability to foster community while teaching a very personal process through artistic expression. She teaches from experience and that adds weight to her words. She also has a great sense of humor!" - Tina Stroh, Founder and Co-owner of just plain yoga studio

021710 Mandala Workshop
02/10 Private mandala workshop for womens group.

"Stephanie is a clear and compassionate teacher who creates a warm and inviting learning environment for participants from a variety of backgrounds and abilities. Her lessons motivate and inspire." - Kim McElhatten Language Arts Teacher at Spring Cove School District

"Her knowledge of her art is as deep as her ability to transmit that knowledge to people at every level of skill. She is a gifted teacher, a talented artist, and a great person." - Ron Bloch, President, CEO at ELH&W Corporation
Mandala workshop at the Great Rhythm Revival
09/10 The Great Rhythm Revival Sherman, NY

"I have participated in Stephanie's Mandala Workshop and found the experience to be fun, educational and motivating! She welcomes workshop participants to relax and open up to the experience, regardless of their artistic abilities. I was able to tap into my own creativity and use the workshop experience to create new goals - both personal and professional. I highly recommend her as an artist, teacher, coach and facilitator. Her work inspires me to keep creating new things in my own life!"  - Michelle Young Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Springer Miller Systems

2015 Mandala Art Lesson w/ Local Girl Scout Troop
2015 Mandala Art Lesson with local Girl Scout Troop

"Stephanie is an energetic artist and teacher who is inspirational and professional. Stephanie is a great guide and teacher who is easy to understand. Stephanie has a manner of empowering others to discover and use their talents as a manner of self-expression and healing."  - Melissa Cook, Clinician at Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center
04/28/13 Mandala: An Artful Meditation workshop in Bethlehem, PA at The Banana Factory
2013 HeART Series workshop at The Banana Factory in Bethlehem. PA

“Two years ago I took a meditative mandala drawing working shop with Stephanie Smith, and my life changed.  I learned to use mandala drawing as a fun and relaxing meditation activity, since I had great difficulty quieting my mind in a traditional meditative way.  Not only did I enjoy this new creative activity but it open up new doors to how I see the art of mandalas, whether created or existing in nature.” - Heather Rodale, President Healing Through The Arts
Mandala Workshop at the 2010 Summer Rhythm Renewal in Loretto, PA
07/10 Mandala workshop at the Summer Rhythm Renewal in Loretto, PA

"Stephanie is a bold and fearless artist who creates beautiful works of art!  She is also a wonderful teacher, and I have had the privilege to take her mandala workshop several times. Each time, she has lead me to a place where I feel comfortable to express what is deep inside … the place where I am no longer “thinking”, but simply creating. It is such a freeing experience! Thank you Stephanie for being such an inspiring guide!" -Jaqui MacMillan, Drum For Joy!
Jim creating a button mandala
07/10 Mandala workshop at the Summer Rhythm Renewal in Loretto, PA

"Cathartic. Inspirational. Uplifting. These are all words to describe Stephanie Smith's mandala workshop.  Not only did her class facilitate an emotional release for me, but it helped me remember the simple childhood joy of putting crayon to paper.  Thanks to her, my son and I are now drawing together almost every day.  Stephanie makes everyone feel like an artist, and she may just help you transform your life in the process.  I am grateful to her for her help and guidance, and would highly recommend her class." - Kim Cooper
Mandala Class
07/09 Mandala workshop at the Summer Rhythm Renewal in Loretto, PA.

"I had the pleasure of attending Stephanie's mandala workshop during Jim Donovan's Summer Rhythm Renewal this past July... She had a most creative way to allow us to find the creativity within and let go of control. Having a "Type A" personality, and wanting very much to be in control of my art, made this quite challenging. That was a good thing, and Stephanie guided in a way for me to be imaginative and find inspiration for my mandala from within, instead of trying meet an expectation. I received a lot more than my finished mandala that day; I rediscovered my affection for drawing/painting and the creative muse that emerges when I just let go and let my spirit guide me on the journey." - Darlene Ralicki
My Mandala workshop at Circle of Trees Retreat
10/10 Circle of Trees Women's Retreat Milford, PA

"I wasn't really certain what an afternoon of "doodling" could really tell me about my personality or place in life!  Little did I realize that nary an hour later I'd be staring at some of my biggest strengths...and problems...illustrated in magic marker and colored pencil on the desk before me!  I really enjoyed the workshop and left with a sense of respect for the art of mandala!  Stephanie is a great facilitator and her session is very worthwhile!" -  Kent Tonkin
021710 Mandala Workshop
02/10 Private mandala workshop for woman's group.

Read: Stephanie Smith: Visionary Artist in Progress from the 2013 Fall Edition of Marketplace Magazine

Read Stephanie's interview as a featured artist on art is fun! about how she got started creating mandalas, her favorite materials to work with and more! 

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052910 Mandala Workshop

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