Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Solstice: Trust That the Sun Always Rises - New Original Art

This is one of the first mandalas I ever created where I used a ruler and a compass - and minimally at that. I've created thousands of mandalas over the years without the use of such tools because I found my initial creative process required permission to make art without concern of what a finished product might look like. For me, structured forms were constraining rather than liberating. I needed to start at the center and work outward until I felt the work was complete. This process would prove to be an important meditative practice for me, one which would eventually open door after door of transformative growth and ultimately help me to connect not only to my highest self, but to all that is.

As I crossed the invisible line from making art for personal reasons to becoming a professional artist, I now permit myself to work in ways that are at the same time expressive and unrestricted, yet mindful and very intentional.

You can purchase this piece of original art from my Etsy shop.


New works on North Wall

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