Monday, October 14, 2013

October 2013: A New Look Around My Art Studio

Outside my studio.
It's been a while since I've shown you all around my studio and this is how it currently looks.
Outside my studio
While I am always hanging new works, every three or four months I perform a complete rehanging of all of my work both inside and outside my studio because I like giving people the opportunity to see new things each time they come to visit.
Laura helps me hang my art
"The Big Switch Out" as I like to call it, is a great deal of work and I am grateful for the help of my friend Laura - a local university student who assists me with various projects in and around my studio.
Outside my studio
This section was completely curated by Laura. She has much more patience for using proper measuring tools than I do.
Large Dreamcatchers
These are a pair of dreamcatchers that I created from a pair of old hulu hoops. The one on the right is still a work in progress. I am contemplating starting a third.
The entrance to studio #250
Peeking inside, you can see "Formation of Belief."
On my door
On the outside of my door, I try and include information which might help a visitor learn more about who I am as an artist - especially if they are visiting on a day when I am not working in my studio.
Small works
This is a series of small new mixed media works - some on canvas, some on matboard.
Birth of Eye
"Birth of Eye" is the piece I recently completed while at the Visionary Painting Intensive at CoSM with Alex and Allyson Grey.
Something IS Happening Here
I created this sign a while back for an art demo that I was doing and I liked the message enough to keep it. The large bookshelf is a welcome addition from a fellow artist who just moved out of her studio. (I will miss you Karen Steen!) 
Studio #250
This time around I wanted to hang my two large figural pieces - "Formation of Belief" and "She is (I AM) Light". My intention is to create similar pieces and once I decide that I've created a cohesive body of these larger works, I will seek out an outside exhibition space.
South wall
A series of works on the South wall which all share the same color of blue.
Limited by your beliefs
My prosperity corner with a subtle reminder of abundance.
Corner Muse
My corner muse.
Red Man
The piece with the hand is called "Red Man". 
Small works in boxes.
The wooden crates hold a variety of small works for sale - on paper, matboard, and canvas.
 West wall of studio #250
The West wall of my studio features "She is (I AM) Light" - a large work I created this past Spring about recognizing the divinity within us. I have only recently learned about the concept of Ä€tman - a Sanskrit word that means 'inner-self' or 'soul.'
This idea of this grouping was suggested by a fellow Banana Factory artist.
New works on North Wall
This is the North wall of my studio to the left of my window. The two pieces on the left are newer and the piece on the right is an older piece which I have recently updated.
Outside looking in.
From the doorway.

Most every piece you see in these photos and in the video below is for sale. If you see something you like, please don't hesitate to contact me.

This video takes an extended look around my studio.
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