Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This Friday June 7th - Join me for the Live Reveal of my "She is (I AM) Light" Featured Artist Exhibit at The Banana Factory

"She is (I AM) Light" a work in progress
My Featured Artist "She is (I AM) Light" Featured Artist Exhibit Reveal is this Friday (First Friday) June 7th 6-9pm at The Banana Factory at 25 W. 3rd St. in Bethlehem, PA. 

For the first time ever, I have conceptualized and executed a 7 piece series of work designed to highlight my strengths and reveal my weaknesses.

"She is (I AM) Light" is about healing, self-love, and having blind faith in the creation process that can take you there.

"She is (I AM) Light" speaks to body image and of self-awareness, of being able to see within yourself what others see in you. ("At your core, you are perfect.") The large blue body (armor) is starting to crack but can't do so without acceptance (arms spread) of fear, resistance and imperfection. (Depicted here through repetition of energetic prayers in the form of mantra and affirmation.)
"She is (I AM) Light" a work in progress - The Guardian Six
The Six Guardian mandala pieces speak to our never having to do the work alone. Angels, Ancestors, and Spirit Guides watch over us and gently guide us to becoming our whole, true selves - "Who I am but only that others can see" is the me that will be revealed to all.

I started conceptualizing this exhibit on April 30th and as I type this on June 3rd am nearing completion of the work. A big part of my artistic process has been documenting the creative process- the epic tale which you can read here on my blog.

A series of in-progress pictures of this exhibit's creation can also be found on Flickr but to see the completed figure, you will have to wait until Friday.

Additional details for this event can be found on Facebook.

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