Saturday, June 22, 2013

Original Mandala Painting: One Arrow Isn't Enough

Two years ago I walked over hot coals for the purpose of transformative personal growth. Did it change my perspective on the kinds of things I can accomplish? You bet. The fire walk was for me, one of those "face the fear and do it anyway" situations that created much needed momentum to continue walking the fire long after that particular one had burnt out.
Broken Arrow from the arrow break exercise
If you read my original blog post from the fire walk, you may remember me talking about my "arrow break." While the participants wait for the wood pile to burn down, the facilitator leads us through other empowering activities, such as the arrow break.

"The way this works (Don't try this at home!) is that you place the tip of an arrow at the hollow of your throat. The back of the arrow is set into a notched board and after taking several deep breaths, you step forward while holding your breath into that sharp pointy thing lodged right at your throat.(FWIW I was *terrified* to do this. All I kept thinking about was how wrong this could go and I kept hearing my mother's voice telling me not to do it.)

Before placing the arrow at our throat, we are asked to name a belief we wanted to break free from. Apparently, setting this intention in combination with the action would often times immediately break a person of the thought pattern connected to the unhelpful belief."
One Arrow Isn't Enough
A while back, I'd decided to create a piece that allowed me to reflect upon my arrow break.
One Arrow Isn't Enough
Try as I might, I struggled to get this piece, "right."
Using a combination of acrylic paint applied with a brush and acrylic paint markers, I reworked this piece over and over.
One Arrow Isn't Enough"
What I have come to understand about my life is that one arrow isn't enough - as in, I have many more things to let go of so I can experience life as my whole, true self.
One Arrow Isn't Enough
Finished piece shown from the side.
Notice that I ended up reversing the position of the arrow. I turned it to the "right." This original piece is currently available for purchase in my Etsy shop. 

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