Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"She is Light" Work in Progress Part 7: Awaiting the Next Vision

"She is Light" a work in progress - fiddling with Procreate
05/16 I don't know what to do next so I import the latest image into Procreate on my iPad and play around.
"She is Light" a work in progress - fiddling with Procreate
I will definitely be painting mantras over those black lines and adding the red and orange to the face. Unsure about everything else.
"She is Light" a work in progress - fiddling with Procreate
I sort of like the yellow triangle with the black line down the middle of the arm because I could turn it into an arrow - which is a repeating symbol in my art from my arrow breaking ceremony two years ago. 
"She is Light" a work in progress.
05/17 (Back to the real painting) More tweaking and cleaning up. I erase the charcoal lines in the arms as I don't yet know how to proceed but I know that I don't like what I had planned. (Because I tried it in ProCreate and didn't like it.) I painted in her hands and they are uneven and rough but at least I got them started. For what it's worth, I'm pretty uncomfortable when I don't know what's next - especially when there's a deadline involved. I haven't even touched the six 18x18" mandalas because I want them to "match" the detail of the figural piece which um, doesn't yet exist in my head.

My friend Deb came to visit my studio today. She took one look at the painting and said, "That's you." This time I owned it. "Yes, it is. The me that only others can see." 

Wouldn't it be great if we could see ourselves the way others see us?

Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of this work. JUNE 7TH SAVE THE DATE! First Friday in June is when this exhibit will open. It will then be on display until July 3rd.

You can also view all my photos from this project on Flickr. 

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