Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"She is Light: Who I Am But Only That Others Can See" New Major Work In Progress

I am at it again... creating another big transformative piece.
"She is Light" Original vision
Every 15 months or so, each resident artist at The Banana Factory Arts and Education Center have an opportunity to exhibit their work  in the main corridor inside the front entrance. Last year I went far outside my comfort zone by creating a 5x9 foot mural specifically for this event. This June will again be my opportunity to display my work and this initial vision came to me on May 1st after being inspired the day before by a specific color combination on a small (4x4") unfinished piece in my studio. I woke up and envisioned a woman surrounded by green light... I immediately grabbed my iPad and created a rough sketch (shown above) in an app called Procreate.
Photo May 01, 4 27 35 PM
The next day, (May 1st) I start to explore different color combinations to match the initial "sketch". This is acrylic paint  - Golden and Liquitex brands over Golden Black Gesso on a piece of recycled mat board.
Photo May 01, 4 39 24 PM
To have the opportunity to try a few different color/design combinations, I take three more gessoed mat boards and sketch out the approximate proportions.
Color/Design "Sketch" for "She is Light"
Of the three, this becomes my favorite.
Color/Design "Sketch" for "She is Light"
I doodle over the paint - a likely direction I will head once I get all of the color on the canvas.
Photo May 02, 1 57 47 PM
This is a black gessoed unstretched canvas that I currently have stapled to the wall in my studio. It is 64 inches high and approximately 52 inches wide. I created this first sketch by finding the center point. (Centering myself?) I use a white charcoal pencil to create the sketch.
Photo May 02, 1 57 57 PM
I am less concerned with the figure being perfectly anatomically correct but I would like it to be somewhat balanced in all the right areas.
Photo May 02, 5 18 52 PM
I use a sponge brush with black gesso to "erase" areas so I can re-work them.
Photo May 02, 5 18 00 PM
For our First Friday open house, I decide to put all of the design and concept elements on display.
Photo May 02, 9 18 36 PM
These elements could end up on display in the final exhibition. (See the little 4x4" canvas that inspired the color combination?)
Photo May 02, 5 19 31 PM
I create a description for this work in progress to be part of my in-studio display.
Process description for "She is Light"
"She is Light" (working title) Concept and design notes:

Large figural piece to be flanked be 4-6 18x18" mandalas in complementary colors. All pieces to be on unstretched canvas primed with black gesso. Colors inspired by small 4x4" piece. 1st mockup was created on my iPad in the ProCreate App. (Initially envisioned a bright green background) 
Process description for "She is Light"
Color swatches tested to choose colors (and determine what I will need to buy) 3 "sketches" created to work on form, design and composition.

Process description for "She is Light"
On the theme: (subject to change)

Woman/female form representational of "self" body image, self-awareness, divine feminine, universal consciousness (all connected)  - "light" pure of heart, divine spirit, we are energy, the body electric. Projecting positive energy, Love and Light, "At your core, you are perfect." - JD

Physical body posture inspired by "Miraculous Mary." Body halo (Our Lady of Guadalupe) is known as a "mandorla"

Large body over smaller - symbolic of armor, protection, fear, resistance. Yellow core = golden = perfection. Acceptance "Who I am but only that others can see" SMS 050213
These are the six mandalas I am creating to be a part of the overall exhibit. I'm envisioning three on each side of the larger piece.
Mandalas to flank "She is Light"
They too are a work in progress.
Working with a palette knife, I begin to add the green to the background.
So you can see the design sketches.
I question why I didn't just paint the whole background green and then add the black to separate the green rays of light. This is where I've stopped for the moment.
More work on The Six
More work on "The Six"
Closer look at some of "The Six".

Most people associate my art with the mandala since they have been such a huge part of my life for the last 6+ years, but my women figures have also played a large role in my personal growth as well as my growth as an artist because they are all in some way, self portraits of a woman discovering herself.

Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of this work. JUNE 7TH SAVE THE DATE! First Friday in June is when this exhibit will open. It will then be on display until July 3rd.

You can also view all my photos from this project on Flickr.


Rick Hein said...

Wow! Well done!

Laura said...

Very inspiring. Can't wait to see how this journey finishes up.

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