Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My 1st Mandala of 2013: Intention :: Evolve

1st Mandala of 2013: Intention :: Evolve

In choosing a word to represent my 2013, I selected "Evolve". This is my 1st mandala of 2013, created on 01/01/13 - also marking the start of my 7th year of mandala making. (My first ever was back in January of 2007.)

1st Mandala of 2013: Intention :: Evolve

The first element of my 2013 evolution includes the way I created this mandala -one I'd never done before - which might strike you as odd, since I've created thousands...

In the very beginning, (and for a very long time) I would start with a blank page and work from the center out. The one thing I've never done until today (at least that I can remember) is to work within a pre-determined circular space. (I used a cereal bowl as my template.) I never wanted to work this way before because I didn't like the idea of be limiting possibility. And while think it can be wonderful to work with endless possibilities, but I thought it also might be time to experiment with setting boundries.

(I had also divided the circle into 8 slices, as I wasn't initially sure what I was going to do with it. That's two new things in one single piece!)

1st Mandala of 2013: Intention :: Evolve

I never intended to work this piece to this extent - I think by limiting myself to keeping the mandala within the circle, it allowed me to get creative with the remaining space.

I used a single blue colored pencil and a torn and folded sheet of black paper. I think it might be Rives printmaking paper  - I got it at Blick a while ago. The surface texture was great with the pencil.

The pencil by the way, is from that set of Colleen brand pencils I bought on Ebay. They are made in Thailand and I like them because they are very smooth to work with - though I'm pretty sure they are not artist quality. The lead kept breaking as I tried to sharpen it - which is why I was left with such a tiny stub.

1st Mandala of 2013: Intention :: Evolve

Since I set such intention with the mandala and my chosen word for 2013, I decided to create something on the reverse as well. "Om Amogha Vairocana Maha Mudra Mani Padma Jvala Pravarttaya Hum" is the mantra of light. See the way I put her inside a pointed circle with rays (of light) emanating from it? A halo that surrounds an entire figure (rather than just the head) is called an aureola. When this almond shaped surrounds Christ or the Virgin Mary in traditional Christian art, it is known as a mandorla.


 I created a similar image last year with the same words, "She is adorned in light."

1st Mandala of 2013: Intention :: Evolve

What is your word for 2013? Will you immortalize it within your journal/sketchbook? Hang it on your wall? Make copies to hang at work or in your studio?

Wishing you all a year filled with abundant blessings. Happy New Year!

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Laura said...

Stunning! As a new mandala painter, I am motivated.

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