Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Formation of Belief: Visualization and Acceptance

Formation of Belief: Work in Progress (Image in Catalog)
This is the image that I submit for the exhibition catalog. We have to submit it well in advance of the actual exhibit and many of the artist works are shown in progress.
Last year's Artist Annual catalog and this year's.
I had submitted my "package" (artist resume, bio, letter of intent, and CD of images) to become a resident artist at The Banana Factory in October of 2011. Prior to my interview, I'd visited the BF on the First Friday in November 2011 and picked up a copy of that year's Artist Annual. (The blue catalog in the photo.) 

I remember coming home and looking over that catalog (again and again) and in my head saying to myself, "As soon as I become a resident artist, my work will be in next year's catalog."
Formation of Belief (in progress) in the Perspectives catalog
This is my work in this year's catalog.

I can say with 110% certainty that all this has happened because of creative visualization. (Though a whole lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears didn't hurt.) From the day I received an ArtsQuest e-mail advertisement listing an open call for resident artists, I knew this was where I was going - I knew this is who I would become.

I am by no means saying that it's easy to become a resident artist at the Banana Factory because it isn't - there are few to none open residencies at any given time. You are interviewed in front of no less than 6 people - which in my case included the Director of the BF, the curator, the visual arts and education manager, three senior resident artists and several prominent community members who sit on the Visual Arts board.

But throughout the entire application and interview process, (which included me having to construct my entire package over a 72 hour period to meet the applicant deadline) I never once thought that I wouldn't get in. I always held the thought in my mind of, "It's mine. I just need to know when I can move in." I took the time to imagine myself already there. How I would set up my studio, walking to get pizza for lunch, walking to mail packages at the post office, cleaning snow off of my car in the winter. (All things I've actually done since moving in) I did everything I could to act "as if" I was already living this life because I believe this is how you attract what you most desire.

If you concentrate on what you don't have, (lack) or what you are wanting - the law of attraction being that like attracts like, will keep you lacking or wanting.

Formation of Belief: Work in Progress

Soon after submitting this photo and continuing to work on this piece, I discover something awful. I somehow had neglected to pay attention to the size limitations for our submitted works to this show. I remembered the 72" height restriction, but hadn't at all remembered the 48" width restriction. Remember yesterday's post? She's at 53" and her arms are almost touching the sides of the canvas.

I am sick to my stomach when I discover this. I check with the show curator - they cannot make an exception. I momentarily contemplate starting over from scratch. I want to cry. I can't immediately see a way to change this piece so I can cut 5" off the sides and still be true to my concept.

I have to do something so I cut her arms off.

Over lunch with Arturo, (a new resident artist - he's 18 and unbelievably talented...) he gives me the idea of a way to change the arms that would be acceptable to what I was envisioning.
Formation of Belief: Work in Progress
And now we are here and I am happy. But I still have to work out the background.

Tomorrow we go much deeper... Stay tuned.

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Sandra Strait said...

I'm glad you figured out how to rescue your female's arms! I know it is part of the challenge, but I hate having to work to pre-ordained dimensions, instead of letting the piece tell me what they should be!

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