Thursday, March 1, 2012

This Friday: Stephanie as Featured Artist and Mural Reveal at The Banana Factory

Each month at the Banana Factory Arts and Education Center in Bethlehem, PA, two of the resident artists are chosen to display their art in the downstairs lobby. For the month of March, I will be one of those artists with a show opening this Friday. (Part of South Bethlehem's First Friday celebration.) 

In honor of this event, I've worked the last 36 days to create a mural 5 feet high and 9 feet wide entitled "She Continues to Grow." At the center of the piece is a near life-sized winged female form flanked on each side by a four foot mandala- the background of which is filled with hundreds of additional tiny mandalas. The piece was intended to reflect transformation and growth. This is the largest I've ever worked and also the longest amount of time I've ever spent on a single project with having spent over 60+ hours spent trying to let it go.

I once said that my art was only ever limited by physical size constraints. By moving my art making out of my kitchen and into the Banana Factory, my visions are much closer to manifestation.

I hope you will join me this Friday night from 6-9pm - as there is a TON of cool stuff happening at the BF. Additional details for this First Friday event can be found on Facebook.  Please feel free to share and invite your friends.

View a series of images on the mural in progress below - but see the completed mural, you will have to wait until Friday. :o)


Anonymous said...

wow that is awesome!! your art is very inspirational.

Angie said...

Awesomeness! Loving it, and wow that's a lot of hours!!

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