Wednesday, March 14, 2012

She Continues to Grow - Part 3: The Painting Begins

 01/28 I hold my breath and decide to paint over the sketch I had created with the Neocolor I Artist crayons. 

I think it was probably right around this moment when I realized that despite the fact that some of the crayon had rubbed off, they still were wax crayons with "water resistant" on the label. Though the Caran D'Ache website did state that they could be used for underpaintings... (As a wax resist)

The way I would work from this moment until completion was to use acrylic paint with a dry brush with paint straight from the tube - with no added water. Once the paint was dry to the touch I'd grab a palette knife and scratch at the paint to reveal the wax underneath. (Think sgraffito) Some of the crayon would become obscured by the paint but by using this scraping process, I allowed some of the crayon to show through which gave the painting a worn, aged folk art look that made me want to do back flips of joy.

After thin layers of paint and subsequent scrapings, I would create a mural which (to me) had an aged folk art look that reminded me of an old side show banner. If there is one thing for certain about my art - it's that I prefer unique and organic. I absolutely "love" when old layers of paint show through - it leads me to ponder the history of a piece. I am *very* pleased at what I would consider to be a "happy accident."

01/29 More paint is added and for the most part, I am following the colors that I used in the original sketch. Paint/scrape paint/scrape.

Interesting to note that the black center ring on the right hand mandala would not be filled in until almost the last day of painting on the mural.

01/31 More painting/scraping. The left mandala starts to slightly change form. The girl gets painted in.

01/31 01/3102/02
02/02 The mandalas continue to get painted - I stop working to complete "Hayden's Adventure" a 10x10" painting I will be submitting into the Banana Factory's upcoming White Works Show. I also start to get ready for First Friday.


02/06 I want to leave the mural as is and allow people to see it at this stage.

These are the paint scrapings from when I reveal the wax resist. I ponder keeping them in a small jar but in the end, I throw them away.

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