Tuesday, March 13, 2012

She Continues to Grow: Part 2 The 90 Minute Sketch

01/26 I don't yet know what media I am going to use - but I know I want to sketch a few things out.

It takes me a while to think of what I can use on the canvas without having to add a sealant. I know I can't use an oil based product (pastel) under acrylic. I consider conte crayon but can't determine what they are made of. I also consider the Neocolor II crayons but think because they are water soluble that they would make a mess if smudged or if painted/sealed over. I search the Caran D'Ache website to understand what the Neocolor I's are made of - are they oil based? Wax based? I figure out that they are wax based and see on the website that they can be used for underpainting. (if I would decided to paint over them) I like the idea of using a wax crayon because if I decide to create a sketch of only crayon, I won't have to fix (use a spray sealant) it.

I create a pretty well detailed sketch in about 90 minutes.

I remember thinking that this sketch went pretty quickly but that it couldn't possibly be finished - that I simply could not hang an image to represent me as a featured artist that was only created in 90 minutes. This is a prime example of me being insanely critical of myself and of how I and my work is to potentially be perceived. It doesn't dawn on me until later that that initial sketch didn't really take me 90 minutes to complete. It took me a lifetime and a few thousand mandalas....

I remember starting with the mandala on the right (representing present/future) and then thinking about adding a few of the girls - but it ends up being only one. I do the mandala on the left which is slightly off-center to the one of the right. (In the end, this works to my advantage)

I decide that I don't like the center of the left mandala and obscure it with black gesso and then re-sketch it. I also fix the ring around the center of the mandala on the right.

At this point I think I might be happy with creating a finished piece with this media until I happen to rub the wing area with my finger and see that the crayon has rubbed off on my finger as if it were a regular chalk pastel. "what the heck???" I am not happy. I've used the Neocolor I's before and they really don't smudge. I don't know why this has happened. I really, really, don't want to have to add a spray sealant.


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