Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SALE! $25 and Under

Mandala done with Herbin Calligraphy Markers
I just reduced the prices on 20 items in my Etsy shop and placed them in a special $25 and under category. Hurry! USPS Priority Mail shipping within the US can still get it to you in time for the Holidays!


Lisa said...

Ahoy! I found your site because you reblogged a photo of some mandala cards I made on tumblr (thank you!). Tried to contact you there but could not figure out how. I've really enjoyed looking through your art and reading about your story and how you came to mandala making. I too create them for their meditative (trance-formative?) and healing powers. They are such a gift to create and share. Thank you so much for sharing yours!! Seasons greetings and infinite blessings to you.


Biffybeans said...

Lisa, thank you so much for tracking me down! I appreciate your kind words. :o) Happy Holidays to you!

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