Friday, October 28, 2011

Freeing Up Some Space

Each year at my friend Jim Donovan's Summer Rhythm Renewal Retreat, Jim introduces a theme - this year it was "Freeing Up Space" which speaks to the idea of letting go of things that no longer serve you and making room for the new.

Through an artful exercise designed to allow my workshop participants to "let go" of their fears of art, they helped create the foundation of the mural above.

The retreat offers workshops in hand drumming, African dance, mandala making, yoga, didgeridoo - to adults of any skill level. These workshops are intended to teach the participants tools to be used for personal growth and transformation.

I think that many people who come to the retreat expect a lot of drumming and dancing - of which there is plenty, but I'm not so sure they realize this event has the potential to be a serious life changing experience. To be surrounded by 100 like minded people creates a very safe space to express yourself in a full and unedited way.

Each year the Renewal sells out. Each year 60-70% of the attendees are repeats. Each year it gets better and better. In 2012 I will be returning for my 4th year on the Renewal faculty, my 7th year attending overall.

Will you join me? 

Top image by Alex Cassisi Middle Image by Kaylyn Oshaben Bottom Image by Anne Elizabeth Video by Kati Lightholder

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