Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thursday Night 4/21 Lehigh Valley Art Wars: Come watch me paint and help me win!

Practicing for upcoming Art Wars competition. 24x30" painted in under 2 hours

Though I have been creating and sharing my art online for years, it's only been fairly recently that I've decided to emerge as an artist in my local community. When I saw an advertisement for this *live* art competition, I knew this was the right vehicle to help me take my first steps outside of my comfort zone.

I am quite comfortable working within a time constraint- a large percentage of the 1600 mandalas I've created in the last 4 1/2 years have been made in one sitting as I use the mandala (and the creative process in general) as a tool for meditation and personal growth.I am however, still fairly new to working with acrylic paint. Off an on for the last year, I first worked with acrylic craft paints, and later professional grade acrylics by Golden, Liquitex & Daniel Smith.

Another challenging element to this competition will force me to work much larger than I'm used to. I don't usually go beyond 11x14" so a bit of practice & experimenting was in order to see what was possible for me to do on a big canvas in under 2 hours.

Each of these 4 canvases were created in the last 8 days, in under the 2 hour mark on each piece. The image above is the largest of the 4, at 24x30"

1 hour 47 minutes 22x28"
This is the 2nd largest image at 22x28"

3rd largest at 18x24"

16 x 20" in 90 Minutes
Smallest of the four at16x20" and on a flat canvas panel rather than a traditional framed canvas.

1 hour 47 minutes 22x28"

Practicing for Art Wars 24 x 30" completed in under 2hrs.

18x24"canvas 2 hours, seeing what could be done. Preparing for Art Wars

Thursday, April 21 · 7:30pm - 10:30pm
Location: Bethlehem Brew Works

The Lehigh Valley Art Wars are live events where artists create in a competitive environment presenting the creative process as a form of entertainment, gaining the artist exposure and connecting artists with admirers.

Round Robin type tournament where four artists compete, two artists from each war move on to the semi finals then onto the finals. Sixteen artists will be narrowed down to four for the finals.

Each War will give the artist two hours to create their piece of work. The artwork will be voted on by a combination of the audience and jury.

Round 1 Second Event Artists: Mike Arehart, Matthew Nixon, Stephanie Smith & Jerry Steward

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Okami said...

If I was close to you I would come to support you. But since I am not, please know that I am with you in spirit. You'll do great!

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