Monday, April 4, 2011

2 Pushing 3

Early Biffy Art

In October of 1971 I was 2 years old- would be turning 3 on December 31st. Mom recently sent me these scans of what may be my earliest artistic renderings. This first piece looks somewhat suspiciously like a mandala. :o)

Early Biffy Art

I began wearing glasses at the age of 4, so I'm wondering what the world looked like to me prior to that time. This one seems to depict a person with a deformed mouth surrounded by faceless people. Or donuts.

Early Biffy Art

Similar to the previous image, another person with a deformed mouth and more faceless donut people.

Early Biffy Art

I wonder who this is? Is it Ernie from Bert & Ernie on Sesame Street? I loved Ernie - and interestingly... I only just remembered that while writing this post.

Crayon on corrugated cardboard. From the private collection of Mom.


Anonymous said...

I too love/loved Ernie- his laugh is so infectious. Great likeness.

Speck said...

Oh! (huge smile) These are wonderful. I heart your mom realmuch for saving these! Big hugs to you Mom if you are reading this.

I think the drawings tell a delightful story:

1) Sugar cookie with icing and sprinkles (SCWIAS).

2) Eating lots of SCWIAS. The mouth is smiling on one side and chewing on the other. The bottom part of the mouth opening without the dots is the tongue. That's a very advanced rendering of a mouth for almost 3. Talent at such a young age!

3) The start of a tummyache from eating too many SCWIAS. That's an "uh-oh" expression if I've ever seen one.

4) Nightmare vision caused by tummy ache from eating too many SCWIAS.

A graphic novelist at 2. Awesome!

J.D.M. said...

wow. you were pretty darn good for a 2 y/o. bet your mum's proud. :D

Peninkcillin said...

Well, I can discern some improvement :)

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