Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kindle Love: Highlighting on the fly

Kindle Love: Highlighting on the fly

I really love my Kindle.

I was never one to write down quotes or note favorite passages, but with the Kindle, I can highlight my favorite passages in a book and return to them any time. I tend to read fast and sometimes forget a lot of what I've read and there are times when I *know* there was something good in such and such a book but what was it? This makes it so easy, and you can share them with others and also see other popular highlights in a book by activating that option in the Kindle's settings.

As I've probably mentioned a million times prior, I am a big fan of Stephen King and now and again I come across a passage in one of his books that really hits the mark and to be able to look back on something like that instantly draws me back into the book as if into a time warp.

"Wolf, tell me something: am I the herd now?"


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