Friday, January 21, 2011

Found Poetry Project

Found Poetry Project

Project inspired by a workshop taught by my friend Kim McElhatten.

to develop a tradition of
rediscovering yourself
by pointing your compass to where your mind
connects with what delights you in the moment
when you shift your comfort from
only knowing one way
you reinvent the soul and you wake up
to a world where surprises await
one beyond your imagination
find your dreams everywhere

Bits of magazine words glued to black mat board. Decorated with Colleen brand colored pencils. I tore a magazine apart and searched for inspirational words which I cut out & added to a pile. Once finished, I spread them all out and searched for the message.....  I will honestly admit that I worked on this for several hours - from the cutting, choosing, pasting, doodling. I especially took my time with writing the poem - which occasionally had me searching back through the magazine for a letter "s" to pluralize a word or an "ing"... you get the picture. Maybe next time I will be bolder & more spontaneous in my creation.

Video description of my process below. (Hey! my 1st vlog! Woot!)


Joe and Jackie Flaherty said...

Great job! I love what you came up with and am inspired to try this myself. Congrats on your first vlog! Well done!

Unknown said...

Hello Stephanie
Back on October 8 [OK, so I am a slow blog reader!] in a notebook review, you were confused about a product with staples being described as 'stitched'. Maybe this is a UK/US difference thing?
Here in England a book or magazine is described as stitched when it is stapled to distinguish it from perfect bound or, sewn, which means it's held together with thread sewn through the pages.
Hope this helps?

Chuck Collins

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