Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Outside In: Heart Mandala

Heart Mandala

Though I have created over 1500 mandalas in the last 4 years, this is the very first one I've ever made by starting with a pre-drawn circle and filling it in. My own personal process for creating mandalas, also the one I teach, is by starting at the center and working your way out.

Mandala is a Sanskit word for "whole" and through my research, can pretty much be used to describe anything circular.When I use the word, I tend to use it as a way that describes a circular form made up of concentric repeating patterns -  like rings on a tree or a hubcap design.

I found it very difficult to create a mandala in this way- filling a circle. I couldn't decide what to put in it or why. I would sit and stare at the circle and feel as if it were mocking me. I finally grabbed a colored pencil and drew a heart that filled the whole circle. My mind seemed to say, "So there." Upon reflection, the heart design was interesting because I've been struggling for a long while with the idea of self love, and my worthiness of the love from others. My struggle pertains to my understanding and accepting that I am enough.

I am going to continue to explore this method of mandala creation and see what it might have to offer to my own process and the process that I teach others. Stay tuned.

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hap said...

Stephanie, it's very interesting to watch your progress, both internal and external! Thank you for sharing your insights! ...and keep going, even if you never get there, the journey is a hoot!!

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