Monday, December 6, 2010

My First Mandala Tattoo - on Someone Else's Body

Back in June of 2008, a woman named Audrey from Washington state contacted me about the possibility of using one of my mandalas (the one shown below) to have tattooed on her body.

She was particularly drawn to this piece, because it had reminded her of her grandmother. Audrey told me, "My grandmother was an artist all my life and did all kinds of different artwork. She had an art studio downstairs in her house and was an art teacher for all of her friends in the community. They even started a small art club in the community which is still going today.

Mostly she did oils... but I think she had some of her “students” who were interested in wanting to learn watercolors and that’s were it started. I loved her watercolors more then the oils….so I collected as many of them as I could. I don’t have any of the abstract pieces but the only art in my house is her work."

0607 Watercolor Mandala

Audrey recently contacted me to show me that she got the tattoo. There is something quite thrilling about seeing someone make your art permanent on their body.

I have been contacted before by people wanting to tattoo one of my designs, and I had been resistant to this point. I loved hearing Audrey's story and the respect she had for her grandmother as an artist. I agreed to allow Audrey to use the piece under the condition that she send me photos once completed.

This image shows the tattoo right after it was finished. Much thanks to Audrey for asking permission & for sending the images for me to share. Photos courtesy of Audrey and are being used with her permission.

I freely share my art on the web but I have always asked that people contact me if they wish to use/reproduce it in any way - including for use as a tattoo. If you have seen a piece of my work that you would like to have made into a tattoo, please contact me at stephanie at biffybeans dot com to discuss.

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Jennifer said...

What an honor, Steph, and I love Audrey's story too. The tattoo is beautiful! This piece really reminds me of a garden - the outermost layer being seeds blown into the wind. Bravo!

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