Saturday, December 18, 2010

My favorite music to get creative by... or to relax, groove or meditate

Pulse  Yoga Groove

When I take a trip, I often take my  iPod nano and this great sounding super cheap ($20!) Altec Lansing Ultraportable Speaker. While I love a wide variety of music, (from disco to swing to metal) I especially love my collection of ambient, world, lounge, new age, down tempo, chill, etc. This is the music I play when I write, draw, paint or meditate. Since people are always asking me about my music, I thought I'd put together a list of my favorites in thiese genres. Each of these covers is a link back to Amazon and they will mostly all have sound samples to play. I've tried to include links to MP3 versions of these CD's as they are usually about $1 cheaper than iTunes. Enjoy!

Rhythms of the Chakras Chakra Chants
Crystal Bowl Healing Deja-Blues
 The Mirror Conspiracy The Serpent's Lair 
Tantra Drums Sub Conscious
Tibet: Nada Himalaya 2 Tonal Alchemy
Sacred Spirit Drums The Budos Band 
A Strange Arrangement African Dream
 Dance: Dream: A World Dance-Groove Odyssey Set in the Key of D (for Dreamtime) Radio Tisdas Sessions
 Bass, Sweat & Tears Drum Circle
Feet In The Soil Gati Bongo
Global Drum Project Herman's Heat & Puente's Beat
 Monkey Hip Gumbo...& Mothball Stew THE PRIMITIVE TRUTH
Walking Through Eyes Wide Shut: Music From The Motion Picture
 The In Sound From Way Out! el Hadra
 Shamanic Dream Healing Drum


writingandscribbling said...

I like listening to Phish and The Dead for inspiration.

B Irwin said...

Thanks for the links. I see some intriguing possibilities.

Have you discovered Beats Antique or Delhi 2 Dublin?

Biffybeans said...

WritingandScribbling - Nice!

Beth - no, I haven't heard of those 2. Going to listen now. I am always looking for new music, but find it difficult to find things I love. I buy digital music and I get frustrated at buying things I can't resell (once I'm bored with it) so I'm really picky with what I buy.

Angie said...

You should try - you can put in your favorites and have it suggest new ones based on the ones you like. It's free!! I have found lots of new music this way.

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