Monday, December 27, 2010

Interim Journal

Medium Ciak w/ plain ivory pages

I have been in a small panic.

I wanted to start a new journal for the New Year. Since my  birthday falls on 12/31, I sometimes like there to be neat separations between one thing and another. This time around, my timing was unfortunately off by about a week. I finished my most recent journal last night, (A blank Pentalic - need to update the old review) and though I have been "prepping" a large blank Webbie (adding inspirational quotes etc. to the inside covers) to officially be started Jan 1st, I feel like I am currently floating without a life raft being "in-between" journals..... .

I considered adding loose pages to the end of the Pentalic... but no, that won't do. I pondered starting the Webbie now, but that's not right either. Then I remembered the Blue Ciak.

Back when I was testing the various inTempo products, (Ciak, Cartesio, Mood) I found that of the various Ciak models I tested, I liked the medium sized journal with the blank ivory paper most of all. Unfortunately, I grew annoyed with the flexible leather cover, (not good for writing on the leg) and found the paper simply *too* absorbent for use with fountain pen inks and I did something I almost never do. I abandoned it. (Gasp! No! Really?) Yes, I'll admit it. The poor thing had been sitting partly used since 2008 (and quite unhappy about it I must say,) but then one day in the summer of 2009, I came across a similar situation to what is happening now- the need for an Interim Journal and that's just how I used it.

Checking the dates, I found I've used Blue for just this purpose on two, (soon to be three) different occasions and it's pretty interesting to look back at the entries that have such a wide gap.

(Several years ago, I abandoned a Canteo journal on New Year's Eve with about 30 pages left because I really didn't care for the paper. Feeling guilty about it, I later used those blank pages to do ink samples/tests.)

Yes, I'll admit that I am a funny bird......


Bella said...

"Since my birthday falls on 12/31, I sometimes like there to be neat separations between one thing and another."
I'm the same way --- and my birthday is January 1. I love new beginnings! And I love your blog. Thanks for writing and sharing!

Biffybeans said...

Bella, thank you for your kind words! And Happy Soon Birthday!

Speck said...

I wanted to finish my journal on 12/31 also, but at the rate I was going (on Nov 28th) wouldn't have enough pages. So I started writing smaller and not skipping lines. I self-regulated too much it seems. I have 80 pages left and only 5 days left in the year. Pffft. I'm going to keep on going. Eighty pages is too much to abandon.

Where is your "old" Pentalic review? I searched for it, found links to it, and even found it in the little "You might also like" boxes at the end of each post, but alas, the links took me to a page that said "Post not found." Phooey.

I bought an itty bitty 2x3" Pentalic. I love the paper even though it is not FP or watercolor friendly. I was wondering if the "ala Modeskin" and "Traveler's recycled" were the same book, or if either one was the big brother of my little one.

Will be interested to see your old review and a new one for comparison.

Biffybeans said...

When I went to revise the old post, I accidentally deleted it so I have to re-write it. :o(

In a nutshell, I like the paper but the book itself didn't hold up.

Anonymous said...

Go for it! I actually have three journals that I use for just these kinds of "emergencies" - I keep two paperblanks, one in the car and one at work, and an Apica 15 in my briefbag. It's actually kind of fun to see the random snippets that end up being captured this way.

(and Happy Birthday, too!)

JoniB said...

Okay, then we ar both "funny birds" because I play those games with myself, too! I like to think it's because I don't want to waste paper and sometimes I think I'm overly superstitious about the "new year." Regardless, it's "birds" who can fly and have fun!

Lexi0514 said...

So the journal I'm using now is about half full. I do want to start a new one for the new year but don't want to leave the one I'm using only half used. What to do???? The year ended before I was ready!

Eva Sylwester said...

Lucky you to have a New Year's Eve birthday. My birthday is in August. When I was in high school, I had year-long volumes that I began on my birthday, and that conveniently captured the whole school year as well, though July then wound up rather cramped. Now that I'm out of school, I have multiple volumes per year, but I make sure one ends on 12/31 — that's the cycle the real world seems to run on.

If you want to veer into really funny bird territory, calculating the square inches of journal content you typically produce in a day can help you select volumes with just as many pages as you will need to comfortably finish on 12/31 or any other goal date.

Step 1. Start with a journal volume you've finished. Multiply the height of your journal page in inches by the width of your journal page in inches. This gives you the size of your page in square inches.
Example: I'm now working with an Ecosystem Artist, size medium, dimensions 8.25x5, so 41.25 per page.

Step 2. Multiply the answer to Step 1 by the number of pages in the volume. This gives you the total square inches of content in that volume.
Example: The Ecosystem Artist has 192 pages, so 41.25x192=7920 for the volume.

Step 3. Divide the answer to Step 2 by the number of days it took you to finish the volume. This gives you the average square inches of content you produced per day while working on the volume.
Example: I've been working on this volume since Nov. 7 and am on target for finishing Dec. 31, so that's 55 days. 7920 for the volume/55 days=144

Of course, your average square inches per day will probably vary based on what's going on in your life, so, to get the most accurate figure, do this calculation for multiple volumes. I had six journal volumes in 2010, ranging from 110 to 183. The volumes covered different numbers of days, so, to calculate an average for 2010, I added the for each volume (step 2) to get my total for the year and divided by 365 days. My total was 57392.25 (399 square feet — divide square inches by 144 to get square feet), so that's an average of 157 square inches per day, or a little over one square foot per day.

To aid in selecting a journal, you'd go as far as step 2 with the prospective journal (page dimensions x number of pages) and then divide that by your personal average to get an idea of how many days that journal would last you.

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