Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What a Compliment!

One of the most wonderful compliments I've ever received was having my artwork confused with John Buynak's. John was once a member of the band Rusted Root and had heavily contributed to much of the artwork used on album covers, promotional posters and concert t-shirts. I've never met John, but I am good friends with one of his old bandmates, Jim Donovan, who I met not long after he left the band in 2005.

So when my friend Kim recently asked me if I had created the art for some of their early album covers (Circa 92-98) I smiled, then said, "Thank You! But no, that's John Buynak's art. Isn't he amazing?" Kim thought since I knew Jim that it was within the realm of possibility that I was the band's artist. I was truly honored by the compliment as I've been a fan of John's art since the mid 90's.

John & I are friends on Facebook and it always tickles me to no end when upon occasion he has *liked* one of my pieces. Please be sure to visit John's website above to see more of his amazing art.

When I Woke Rusted Root Live Evil Ways Rusted Root

Examples of John's album cover art for the band. PS - the "Live" album is *Spectacular!*

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