Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What I am most thankful for : My friends!

10 days 155

I love you all very much. Every moment of my life is richer with each of you in it. I am so very happy you are all a part of my life - you are my family.Thank you for being you!

080910 024

With Jim Donovan

10 days 031

10 days 033

Me w/ Jaqui MacMillan  - awesome drum teacher

Me & Kim

Me & Debbie

Me & Kim

Me & Jeff

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What a Compliment!

One of the most wonderful compliments I've ever received was having my artwork confused with John Buynak's. John was once a member of the band Rusted Root and had heavily contributed to much of the artwork used on album covers, promotional posters and concert t-shirts. I've never met John, but I am good friends with one of his old bandmates, Jim Donovan, who I met not long after he left the band in 2005.

So when my friend Kim recently asked me if I had created the art for some of their early album covers (Circa 92-98) I smiled, then said, "Thank You! But no, that's John Buynak's art. Isn't he amazing?" Kim thought since I knew Jim that it was within the realm of possibility that I was the band's artist. I was truly honored by the compliment as I've been a fan of John's art since the mid 90's.

John & I are friends on Facebook and it always tickles me to no end when upon occasion he has *liked* one of my pieces. Please be sure to visit John's website above to see more of his amazing art.

When I Woke Rusted Root Live Evil Ways Rusted Root

Examples of John's album cover art for the band. PS - the "Live" album is *Spectacular!*

Monday, November 22, 2010

Spirit People : Inspired by Rock Art

110710 073

These figures, which I have dubbed "Spirit People" have been turning up again and again in my art. I think they were originally inspired by my love of petroglyph (cave) art and have been modeled after various forms I had seen that represented deities and shamans. Sometimes they seem to come from within me, sometimes from somewhere else... as though there is something to be learned.

090307 Spirit Guides - Deities

The image above was requested to be used by Braden Barty (Billy Barty's son) in the movie Spirit Space; A Journey Into Your Consciousness

0607 6th attempt - little people

I initially learned to make them after trying a simple watercolor exercise that I had seen in a book I found at the public library. The movement to make them is swift but with the simplest of variation, you can make them look altogether different and as expressive as you wish.

I finally took th etime to look back through my work to put a specific set together of these images and I was surprised by how many of them there were. Please enjoy.

Spirit Space; A Journey Into Your Consciousness  Easy Field Guide to Southwestern Petroglyphs (Easy Field Guides) Rock Art and Ruins for Beginners and Old Guys

Friday, November 19, 2010

Transformation and Acceptance

Transformation and Acceptance

This is my first acrylic painting on canvas. It is 16 x 20" and entitled "Transformation and Acceptance." It displays a plethora of emotions that I have been tapping into while relentlessly working on my personal evolution. Anger, frustration, jealousy, dependence, control, fear, hatred, depression, resolve, understanding, joy, acceptance, surrender, love, impermanence... It is through this process- of tapping into a higher sense of self and allowing myself to create from that spot, that I can really let go and transform.

Transformation and Acceptance

It all starts here. The piece was created with various kinds of acrylic paint while using a dry brush technique. (I mixed no water with the paint.)

Transformation and Acceptance

Transformation and Acceptance

Transformation and Acceptance

Transformation and Acceptance

Transformation and Acceptance

Transformation and Acceptance

Transformation and Acceptance

Transformation and Acceptance

Transformation and Acceptance

I have come to learn that no matter how hard it is to go into the dark parts of our selves, you can never really know how good the sun feels until you agree to go all in.

Transformation and Acceptance

These images have been popping up time and again in my work. I call them "Spirit People" and in this instance, they are representing me through all the different stages of my transformation. (With more yet to come.) The most prominent one is representing my current stage, ages 40-50.

Transformation and Acceptance

I wonder whose face this is?

Transformation and Acceptance

Transformation and Acceptance

There are three things written in this piece. Across the top it says, "You are stronger than it." Golden words of advice from my friend Jim Donovan. Down the right side it says, "You can't roll back." Along the bottom is a Sanskrit mantra - "Om Droom Soha Om Amri te Ayer Da Dey So-ha." It is a mantra for breaking patterns and for releasing old karma.

I will be placing this piece for sale on Etsy - if you are interested, I highly suggest contacting me ASAP. It's going to be worth a fortune someday. :o)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Inevitable Withdrawl

Inevitable Withdrawl Pt. 1

When I create, I am either doing in what I would call "going through the motions" (essentially practice) or what I will refer to as "going all in." This is an extreme example of going all in. I created this in a highly charged state of emotion. I was p*ssed. I was angry. I was frustrated. I wanted answers I couldn't get.

Inevitable Withdrawl Pt. 2

I was slapping the paints over the paper fast as can be, listening to my "Groove" playlist on my iPod. Speakers plugged in, I've got it cranked and I'm even angrier because I'm not painting a mandala. I don't know what this is, don't care how it looks, (it actually looks pretty cool) and I grab the white paint and obscure the bottom layer. I *MUST* do a mandala over top of this.

Inevitable Withdrawl Pt. 3

I sing along with the music but I get stuck on Amy Winehouse's "Tears Dry on Their Own." One of my all-time favorite songs, it's been the ringtone on my cell phone for I think 2 years... Listen close, the lyrics are pretty intense. The words that kept jumping out at me during this session were "inevitable withdrawal." Considering my state of mind at the time, they were perfect to describe my feelings and they were added to the painting, though misspelled.

Inevitable Withdrawl Pt. 4

This is where I left off that day and I think it's finished. Maybe I will go back and clean up some of the black lines Daniel Smith & Winsor Newton Acrylics on Multimedia Artboard.

Now take a minute & listen to Amy - goofy video, fantastic song.

Monday, November 1, 2010

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