Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sticks and Stones

10 days 101

On my recent trip back to Lake Erie, I walked the beach while fighting strong winds so I could collect some pretty stones and beautiful pieces of driftwood to bring back home. Once I arrived back at my friend Jen's house who lives about 10 miles from the lake, I dumped out my findings in her driveway and together we created this "Sticks and Stones" mandala. The idea of using found objects to create mandalas is something I plan on incorporating into future workshops. (Click here to learn about my workshop; "Mandala: An Artful Meditation.")

10 days 098

A small curled strip of birch maybe? Small pieces of a darker soft wood with lovely markings.

10 days 097

Sticks and stones....  When you bunch together the smooth sticks, they sound like those bamboo wind chimes or maybe, some old bones.

10 days 096

The rocks (and one tiny pine cone) that I find at the lake are simply amazing. To see the way these rocks reveal circular patterns of wear from sitting in the water... They are such a treasure! These are simply the best souvenirs that I can possibly have from such a wonderful trip. I've already given a few away and am starting to come up with some great ideas on what to make with the sticks.

What would you make with them?

Sticks and Stones and Other Student Essays  Sticks & Stones


Anonymous said...

Congrats on last nites interview, by the way. Good stuff!
and you know I adore these types of mandalas ;-) There is something different and enriching by creating a mandala with things (especially Natural objects). It really does feel like you are giving something back. For me, making "natural" mandalas is a very personal and spiritual thing. I love walking away from them and really not caring what becomes of them because for that moment they served their purpose for me (which was to bring me joy).
I know you didn't leave these wonderful treasures, I was just speaking for myself ;-P
Anywho, have a great day!

Unknown said...

What part of Lake Erie? You probably weren't very far from me!

Stephanie "Biffybeans" Smith said...

Dawn - found object mandalas are quite wonderful. :o)

Brian - I was near Findley Lake. Where are you?

Unknown said...

OK, so we weren't THAT close! I'm near Sandusky, you were about 3 hours. If you are ever driving through on the Ohio Turnpike, I'm only a mile off of it. Stop by and check out the pen shop!

Take care.

Unknown said...

OK, so we weren't THAT close. I'm near Sandusky, about three hours from where you were. If you are ever going through Ohio on the Turnpike, I'm only a mile off of it. Stop by and check out my pen shop!

Take care.

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