Monday, October 18, 2010

Review: Niji Waterbrushes

Niji Waterbrushes
Niji Waterbrushes at Blick

 I've been a big fan of these waterbrushes for quite some time. Ranging $7-$8 in price, they come with various nib options and are simple to use. A synthetic brush on one end, and a refillable water reservoir on the bottom. If you need more water, give the brush a gentle squeeze.I tend to be very rough with all my brushes and the points on these brushes don't hold up for very long so I buy a new one every now and again. I've also tried filling the barrel with fountain pen ink, but realized that you better love what color you put in the brush as it uses so little when you draw/paint that it's going to be in there for a while. 

101407 Water brush pen and paints
Hand made palette found on Ebay

Tiny Portable Painting Kit
Mini Palette with Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks

Watercolor Mandala made with Waterbrush

Watercolor Mandala made with Waterbrush 

A couple of simple doodles made with watercolor paints and my waterbrushes. (A new one with a firm tip)


G.Young said...

I absolutely love these too, for both quality and portability. --A heads-up on a related product: I bought a set of Bienfang (also sold under another name, I think) pre-filled watercolor brushes and have been very disappointed: the the color is permanent, and the brushes' hard plastic makes color intensity difficult to control.

Claire said...

Oh, those look wonderfully self contained. One of my least favorite things about watercolors is the required mess and splashing, and those brushes seem like a great solution!

NadineisthatU said...

I really needed to see this post. I gave away all my pastels and oils last year because I didn't think I'd make it and I didn't want those pastels to end up tossed on the curb. I gave them and all my oils & frushes to a young librarian to give away to someone who was young and couldn't aquire them. Wish I had saved the palette knifes, but they were part of the gift. Then I found I had water colors, and fountain pens, but liked seeing a water brush. I hope I have some old watercolor sketch pads, but I'd love to be able to sketch w/ watercolor. I hope I can find some. I got some Crayola Brush/markers from Walmart, so I should start playing - mandalas and trees forever!

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