Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's the worst that could happen?

Miss Liv with the Eggs

This is one of my new friends I met while on my recent extended stay in western New York. Her name is Miss Liv and she is two years old. My friend Jen was babysitting for her while I was staying at her house.

Jen and Liv had just arrived back at the house after a bit of shopping, as you can see by the carton of farm fresh eggs sitting next to Liv on the counter. My, oh my! I have never seen such large eggs, or eggs in such pretty colors! Apparently Miss Liv was also enchanted by their beauty because one by one, she would select an egg, delicately turn it around in her hand, then place it back in the carton and select another.

Meanwhile, I am losing my mind. As I have no children and rather limited experiences with them, the voice inside my head is screaming, "Take the raw eggs away from the two-year old! She will likely throw them to the floor and create such a mess! Oh for the love of sweet Nick, please take the eeeeggggggggsssss away from the CHILD!!!!"

But I say nothing.

Why? Because Miss Liv isn't my child, and this isn't my house. A fierce battle is raging on in my head over whether or not I should say something to Jen, (who is just out of camera range in the image above) how I think this is a bad idea- but Jen seems to be an amazing mother to her own 8 year old and though I don't know her all that well, my gut wins and says "Trust her. What's the worst that can happen? A broken egg??? Then you clean it up."

So I watch Miss Liv continue to play with the eggs. The fear is leaving my body. My urge to control the situation is hasta la vista. I am so PROUD of myself for trusting in the moment because I felt that there was something to learn from this situation.

As Jen goes to gather the eggs to start making breakfast, she sticks out her hand to collect the one that Liv was holding...

"SPLAT!" Right to the floor. It simply did not make the transfer from one hand to another.

I am proud to say that one part of my head must have been sitting and smothering the other because I never for a second heard "I TOLD you so!" I simply looked at the egg and said to Jen, "I guess that's the worst that could happen!" and we both laughed. Took about 30 seconds to clean up the egg but that moment (and lesson) will live forever in my memory.


Jennifer said...

Steph ~ what a beautiful slice of time representing an incredible week with you! Trusting others is sometimes not easy, but trusting ourselves is even harder at times. Kids are amazing teachers for the most simmplest of lessons. Good for you for taking a deep breath, rolling with the moment, and laughing with me when we realized it was the "adult" in the situation who actually dropped the egg ;)

Much love and Figure-8's to you.

hap said...

Stephanie, as the child of a parent who was "in control all the time" and the parent of a child who was an explorer, I had to deal with those feelings as well. It took time and a lot of effort to learn to let go and BE there for my daughter as she grew up, and not be IN CHARGE of her growing up. Kids will explore and expand their horizons, just as we continue to do as adults. And believe me, you just expanded yours in a great direction!

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