Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pull Over and Look at the View

Wouldn't have seen this had I not taken the time to pull over

Amazing view, right?

Wouldn't have seen this had I not taken the time to pull over

Minding my own business, just driving along on my way to visit my friend Becky in Johnstown, PA and jamming to the song "Marvin Gaye" from the Basement Rhumba CD by my friends Bryan Fazio & PJ Roduta, I see the view above.

Wouldn't have seen this had I not taken the time to pull over

(Please ignore the bug splat on my windshield.) I start to get excited because on the right hand of the state where I am from, we don't really have such dramatic views such as this. As I tend to be a "let's just get there" kind of person, I almost never pull over to look at the view but I happened to notice a sign that specifically said, "Scenic Lookout" and so I broke tradition and pulled over. I thought the view in front of me was amazing but when I turned around, you could have knocked me over with a feather.

Wouldn't have seen this had I not taken the time to pull over

How awesome is that? To me, it will prove to be a constant reminder to pull the heck over & see where you are!

Wouldn't have seen this had I not taken the time to pull over

Someday soon I will drive to Portland Oregon and see even more majestic scenery!


Rosemary said...

Yes, there are those views that are truly scenic and take our breathe away ~ The Great Divide, the Ocean on the rocky coast of Oregon and Washington State. Then again, do we take the time to notice what is right infront of us? Someday yes, some not so much. Thank you for the reminder to open my eyes ~ to see! To see not assume.
Have a wonderful day. R

Anonymous said...

I love it, Stephanie! I am glad you got such a cheery reminder on your trip. And thanks for sharing it, too. What a nice day you had. Who would have known they were going by the deepest gap East of the Mississippi!

Bella said...

Beautiful spot. Thanks for sharing. Our daughter goes to college in Portland. We love it out there--- make sure you go to Powell's Bookstore and eat at the Food Carts! We live in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado.... which is also quite pretty!
Happy Travels!

AtomicLeo said...

My husband is from that area and went to college in Johnstown. Very beautiful area.

GrannyKass said...

Stephanie, If you are going to Oregon driving from the east coast region and have never been that way before you have some amazing treats instore for you. Better plan a couple extra days to see them all!

Another idea might be to hit some of the National Parks and Landmarks along the way. An annual park pass will get you in the gates at nearly every place you might want to see. It's a good value. I even have a National Parks "Passport" that you can get a stamp from every park you visit. It is great fun trying to collect as many stamps as you can.

I've been fortunate enough to have visited every state in the Union except Alaska. There's a whole new world awaiting your discovery.

Take a look at Sam's travelogues at Pendemonium.com. She details their adventure down Rte 66 every year they go to the LA Pen Show. Great images and stories.

Have a great time and drive safe!

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