Thursday, September 30, 2010

In my pen case.

What I use most often

For writing and sketching, these are my "Go-To" implements outside of my fountain pens.

Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens Black in Fine & Brush nibs. The Fine Pitt (should I call it Brad?) is the pen I take with me when I travel- in lieu of a fountain pen. (I prefer not to travel with my FP's) It uses a permanent India Ink and I love the way the nib glides over any paper. My only beef is that they don't last very long and I can't stand writing with a pen that isn't as "inky" as it was when I first bought it. Pretty much every time I go to Blick I grab one or two extras to have on hand. Someday I will get around to writing a separate post on the Pitt Brush pens, but I like them too.

Various Uniball Signo Gel Pens If I can't have multiple fountain pens with different colored inks on hand then I'm very happy to have a pile of these cheap-as-anything Uniball Signo gel pens. I prefer the capped kind to the click but either will do as they all write like butter. I mostly have .7 but also a few of the .5's as well. Only thing is that the ink doesn't always dry right away (on all kinds of paper) and it can smudge. The ink can also push (bleed) through inexpensive or thinner papers.

Various colors of Pigma Mircon Pens Similar to the Pitt pens, I like but don't love these. They are sometimes a smaller-in-the-hand alternative to the long Pitt Pens and I do like that I can get them in various colors in a F .5 nib. I do not care for the Micron Brush pens. I've tried them on several occasions and they always disappoint me. (Nibs wreck easily, run quickly out of ink...)

Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen - Hard Probably my favorite brush pen, a Japanese calligraphy pen from JetPens. I love its firm nib and how I can lean on it to create varying line widths without destroying the nib. I previously reviewed it here.

Kuretake No. 14 Pocket Brush Pen - Hard - This was my first time using this pen and I need to get a few more. It has a different kind of spongy tip but it never "blew out" on me. (I tend to be very hard on my brush pens.)

Uni-ball Signo Broad UM-153 Gel Pen - White Ink My absolute favorite White Gel pen. I've noticed that different gel pens with opaque inks can often skip, but since this one has such a wide nib, it doesn't happen as much. I have more than a few of these on hand as I love drawing on dark paper.

What I use most often

Writing samples from the various pens above. I tried to note where I bought each. Mostly Blick & JetPens.

My favorite pencil case

My favorite pen case which I found in a thrift store. I think it's actually a cosmetic case.


Nettie said...

can't agree with you on the UM 153, not had mine long and it just isn't writing anymore;o( it's blue, not your white, there's ink in barrel but won't come thro . . .

Anonymous said...

This is proof: I am a pen snob.
Looked at the first pic - no celluloid, no precious metal, no piston fillers, no inks in precious packaging, no paper made by chewing cotton rags from the crowned heads of Europe.

Then...the realization.
I have no artistic talent, and these are the tools of an artist not a scribbler. The focus here is on the artwork, not simply the tools.

And now, back to my scribbles.

Biffybeans said...

Nettie - I have had a few of the Signo's (not the UM153) stop writing, but never the white - and it's usually not long after I bought them that they do it. Kind of like a dud from the beginning...

Biffybeans said...

Hey Gary... I think you need to check out this post:

I have the fancy pens as well. :o) 2 piston fillers, a vintage Vac (w/ a semi-flex nib) and also a non-functioning P51. Paper too... I work for Exaclair... I have paper. :o) I use whatever I can get my hands on to write or draw but don't usually put my FP's into this case. (Maybe a Safari every once in a while) I don't like to travel w/ my FP's so I always have a case like this at the ready.

:o) Thanks for posting.

Note Booker, Esq said...


Great response to Gary. If I read him correctly, he and I both envy the people who can create art. I am trying to figure out a story line for National Novel Writing Month, but I'm not getting my hopes up. I may be a talented writer of legal documents, but . . .

Claire said...

Just found your blog! I'm enjoying reading through your back posts -so many of your posts are so useful! :)

I completely agree with you on the Faber Castell vs. Micron pens. Micron dry up fast and bend out if you're too harsh on them. Faber Castell aren't fancy but they work and they don't break the bank, an increasingly large factor in my art purchases lately.

If you have time, check out my blog:
I'm only just getting started, but I feel we have a lot in common.

Eden said...

Thanks for the review on the pens!!! I love my Faber Castell and Microns...I have the broad white uniball pen too, which works great!! I'd love to hear more about your fountain pen collection sometime :D :D

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