Thursday, August 12, 2010

Working with what's on hand: Red & Blue Double Ended Pencil

Red & Blue Doodles

I am not really one to use colored pencils, but I really wanted to try these Red & Blue Hermitage checking pencils. I was mesmerized by the fact that the pencil had two ends. Sadly, the red end was waxier than the blue and a pain to use and the two pencils I bought wouldn't sharpen without breaking. Brand new, and I'm left with a couple of doubley pointed nubs.

Red & Blue Doodles

There is something to be said for a double ended pencil's ability to multi-task and I had fun trying to use just this one tool to color/sketch & doodle, even if it wasn't the best pencil in the world.

Red & Blue Doodle Mandala

I need more colore dpencils like I need a hole in my head but I just couldn't resist ordering a set of these Colleen brand (from Thailand) double ended pencils (from Ebay) after seeing them reviewed on Pencil Talk. Hopefully I'll have better luck with them.


Megan Warren said...

Now you've got me looking at them pencils - let me know what you think

JoniB said...

Whoa. We used to use those pencils when I was in the early grades of school. That was back in the 1800s of course. Ha-ha!

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