Monday, August 9, 2010

For reasons we may not yet know.

Doodle on Black paper

Last night at a local festival, I stopped to buy a bottle of water. The woman behind the counter looked at me and said, "I know you." Looking back at her, I felt bad that I couldn't immediately place her. I have discovered that my brain does not always know how to add years to a memory and I'm left to struggle...

She correctly guessed where I grew up and also the junior high I attended, then identified herself as Janice, one of a pair of identical twins that were a year ahead of me. I didn't really know the twins that well, but I remembered their mother Joanne.

Joanne was a school crossing guard whose post was on the corner of the end of my block. For 1st and 2nd grade, I attended a local Catholic school and Joanne would stop traffic so we could cross the busy street to safety. When I saw Janice yesterday, a deep memory came bursting through.

Her Mom saved my life.

It happened so long ago that I have but the faintest memory of it. A speeding car did not stop at the corner and she pulled me out of its way. I can vaguely remember her sweeping me under her arm- putting herself in harms way to ensure my safety.

I really think I was too little at the time to understand what had almost happened.

Even now, I'm still not sure I can comprehend the far reaching consequences of her actions. I mean, I understand the concept of treating each day as a gift, but when given a second chance.... Wow... I just don't know what to say. But maybe it wasn't a second chance at all, but instead, just another event that makes up the fabric of your existence.

I would love as a 41 year old adult to thank Joanne but sadly, I learned last night that she passed away 4 years ago. But I think she can still hear me... :o) Thank you Joanne!

* I'm pretty sure it was Janice that I saw last night and not her twin. The music was loud or maybe it was just my aging ears and brain that is making me doubt which name she told me. My sincere apologies if I am wrong.


Rosemary said...

The Universe had bigger plans for you, then to be gone in the blink of an eye. Yes, indeed a Thank you in the form of Gratitude to Joanne does get heard.
Living your Life each day ~ is also a Thank you!
Live well, love well, and continue on the path of Compassion and Gratitude.
You bring a smile to my face.

Jean-Elie said...

treating each day as a gift, that s the main thing for me.
Happy that you are alive.

Megan Warren said...

Your mandalas and teaching of the mandalas are gratitude enough for Joanne's gift!

Chet said...

I think if Joanne's twins read this, they will receive the thanks on their mum's behalf.

This is an AWESOME post!

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