Monday, June 21, 2010

Save it for a rainy day

Acrylic Mandala on black scrapbook sheet

It's only been a few months that I have been working with acrylic paints. I initially bought them to paint on walls, windows, and other objects, and it only recently occurred to me that I could use them on paper. For whatever reason, I always imagined them to be super heavy and unsuitable for something thin like paper- maybe I thought they would crack or something, but apparently, I was wrong. They work quite well on paper and in this case, it was a square sheet of scrapbooking paper from the craft store.

For a rainy day

Since I'm still very new to working with this media, I manage to keep pouring out more than I need, so I pulled out a Canson sketchbook and filled a few pages with plain color that I can work over on another day - a rainy day perhaps? It's not much different than when I was doing the same thing with fountain pen ink.

For a rainy day

The paper in this particular sketchbook does not seem to like wet media like watercolor or even wet ink pens, so I thought I would give it a hand by coating the paper with acrylic ink. I have some Staedtler permanent markers I think will work quite well over top of these pages.

For a rainy day

Th paints I have been using are the little bottles of craft paints once again, found at the craft store. I've tried the Liquitex tube paints - you might remember when I painted Jaqui's column with them, but I found them to be too thin and runny for my liking.

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