Friday, May 28, 2010

What to do at Grandma's House?

Wakeman House Living Room.

First things first... This isn't my grandma's house. This is the amazing guest house I rented while staying in Ohio at the end of last month. Though there were 3 bedrooms available for rent, I was the only one staying there during that time and so the whole house was mine.

As I live in a very small (750sq ft) house, this one, at over twice that size felt gigantic to me and while I may never want to own (and clean) something this large, I certainly appreciated the space while I was there.

One afternoon I had about an hour to kill until I was to get ready to meet a friend for dinner and I had it in my mind that I wanted to lie down for a while and just chill, and so I did just that - right in the middle of that empty floor space. After lying there for only a moment or two, I was mentally transported back to various memories of staying over at one of my grandmother's apartments. (Neither of my grandparents ever owned their own home.) I was remembering times when my parents would take me to visit and I would beg to spend the night and so they would leave me there, all excited to hang with (one of) my gram's.

After they would stuff me full of whatever deliciousness their refrigerators held, I'd soon grow bored and restless watching The Lawrence Welk Show, (or something equally unexciting to a 10 year old) and not having any of my toys with me or even a book to read. The next day would be worse as Gram would have no games to play with me, no kids in the neighborhood I knew, and I wasn't allowed to leave the sanctuary of the front porch. This was excruciating for a young me.

Lying on that floor I couldn't believe how fortunate I was to be staying in an unfamiliar place, and to have that quiet uninterrupted space with nothing to do was like heaven to me. So interesting how our perspective changes with age. (Though I did have a few luxuries with me like my iPod, a journal, and a cell phone equipped with internet access.)

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