Thursday, May 20, 2010

Review: Quo Vadis Bookmark

Quo Vadis Bookmark

Quo Vadis has recently started producing these handy book mark/book straps as a way to reserve your place and keep your book closed. It includes a handy ruler on one side,

Quo Vadis Bookmark

and the Quo Vadis logo on the other. (Quo Vadis means 'Where are you going" in Latin)

Quo Vadis Bookmark

Take your journal in one hand,

Quo Vadis Bookmark

and insert the book strap,

Quo Vadis Bookmark

(I like to place it about midway from the spine of the book)

Quo Vadis Bookmark

then pull the strap around the book - Viola!

Brian Goulet of Goulet Pens recently put together a video showing how to use the Quo Vadis book mark/book strap.

Be sure to check out Laurie's review of the book mark on Plannerisms.

You can buy these at Goulet Pens for $1.50 each, and they will start to be included with all Quo Vadis planners which have the Soya and Club covers.

Book strap provided by Exaclair.


Palimpsest said...

Nice one! But I think Quo Vadis is "where are you going" in Latin, not in French.

Truppi said...

I use mine to keep a Rhodia No. 18 pad closed and my page marked. Works great

valgreen said...

Quo Vadis means 'Where to Go" in Latín

Anonymous said...

Good morning! Sorry, but "quo vadis" is not French, it is Latin.

Anonymous said...

Also, Levenger has had a very similar product for many years.
Ron (I also sent in the quo vadis comment about it being Latin)

Biffybeans said...

Oooooohhhhhh - I am so going to have to fire my fact checker over this one.... wait, that's me!

Seriously - thanks all for the correction. It was just always in my mind that it was French since Quo Vadis is a French company.

PS - A while back, Karen wrote a post on the Quo Vadis blog explaining the terms origins:

island said...

Quo vadis = Where are you going, not "where to go". because "vadis" is the second person in singular ;)

Biffybeans said...

Thank you Island! Fixed. :o)

Wilson Hines said...

I use an A5 6X9, and I also use the No. 13 5x5. I am certain it would be great for the A5, but what about he small 13? Both of these are the top stapled pads, but with the leatherette covers.

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