Monday, April 19, 2010

Similar Inks: Diamine Majestic Blue and Sailor Jentle Blue

Diamine Majestic Blue and Sailor Jentle Blue

Recently while swabbing a pile of inks, I noticed a few similarities. In this shot, Diamine's Majestic Blue and Sailor's Jentle Blue seemed awful close ..... down to the reddish sheen and everything. Not saying that these inks perform the same, just looked the same at this moment in time.


titivillus said...

The reddish hue is called brassing and there are seveal blue inks that do this. Will have to check my notebook for the reference colors.

Michael Harrison said...

I'm not sure about it being called brassing, but it's certainly impressive. In my experience "brassing" refers to a section of plated metal where the plating has rubbed off (big issues with both vintage pens and vintage cameras), where many times it was gold or chrome that was used to plate brass, which then wore off, exposing the brass.

I've heard of photo technicians referring to a sheening effect on prints as "bronzing", but I think most fountain pen nerds just call it "sheen". As far as I know (and this is coming from the Goulets interviewing good old Nathan from Noodler's Ink. According to Mr. Noodler himself, ink sheen is caused by crystals forming around the edge of some inks as they dry (and sometimes on top, if whatever it is that makes inks sheen is plentiful in one particular ink).

I've never tried Sailor Blue (it's on the long list of blues—my favorite—to try), but one of my all-time favorite, sheen-heavy blues is Sailor Sky High. Just thinking about Sky High makes me want to write something. :) Ahhhhhhhh

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