Thursday, April 8, 2010

Review: Rhodia dotPad

Rhodia dotPad

Nanna nanna nanna nanna nanna nanna nanna nanna dotPad! (Sung to the old Batman TV show theme and I can't help it. Every time I think dotPad, I hear that song in my head. dotPad!)

With an updated black and white cover scheme and those crazy purple dots, as Diane from PocketBlonde recently said about the dotPad, "it's definitely not your father's Rhodia pad."

Rhodia dotPad

One of the latest additions to the Rhodia line up, this tablet consisting of not lines or graph, but of tiny violet dots spaced 5mm apart - a dot grid if you will.

Rhodia dotPad

Do you remember playing Lines & Dots as a child? A pad of this paper stashed in the glove box might keep the kids occupied while traveling across the interstate to Grandma's house.

Rhodia dotPad

I also found it to be an extremely unobtrusive way to practice my calligraphy, because I happen to abhor lines of any kind on my paper. Writing on graph paper with all those intersecting lines behind my words is enough to give me hives. If I can't have blank paper, I want the dotPads.

Rhodia dotPad

Typical 80g bright white ph neutral acid free Rhodia paper is smooth, fountain pen friendly and resists bleedthrough.

While currently only available in the 6 x 8 1/4" A5 size, three additional sizes, (one smaller and two larger,) will be coming soon – either late April or early May.


G.Young said...

Lucky you! That is the coolest paper I have ever seen! (Now, as for putting the Batman theme in my head for the next century . . .)

plo said...

very cool! I am imagining all the things I can do with that! Isn't there a game using dotted paper like that?

Biffybeans said...

Gail, LOL!

Plo - game? Yes! Lines & Dots - I included a link in the review to the game.

Stephen said...

Looks interesting. I hope to see one soon!

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