Monday, April 12, 2010

Review: Aurora Blue Fountain Pen Ink

Aurora Blue Ink

Aurora Blue fountain pen ink. One of only two kinds of Aurora inks available. (The other is black.) I'd heard a great deal about Aurora inks and their smooth writing capabilities and Kenro Pens was generous in allowing me to sample a bottle.

I know that Aurora pens are made in Italy, and I can only assume that the ink is made their as well, as I wasn't able to locate any such information on Aurora's website.

I've heard that some people have commented about the design of this bottle being too tall and narrow, but I find it the perfect size for serving my pens a drink.

Aurora Blue

Sometimes when faced with too many choices, I tend to get overwhelmed and simply shut down. In the last two years, I've probably tried about 20 different blue inks and quite honestly, they have all started to look the same.

So for me, I think sometimes less is more. This ink has been in use in a fine nibbed Lamy Safari, and in the past, this hasn't been one of my favorite pens because its been a bit of a dry writer. The Aurora ink in this pen is smooth, nice flowing and all around pretty well behaved.

I've been on the fence about picking a dark blue ink, having recently been liking Diamine's Majestic Blue (very saturated with a reddish sheen) and Sailor's Jentle Blue (super smooth but smells really bad....) and I'm thinking of clearing the shelf and just sticking with this one. Side by side, the Sailor is more green and the Aurora cooler in tone.

In this fine nib, (which writes more like an EF) there is some shading but it's hard to see.

The 45ml bottles range in price from $12-13 and can be found online at Swisher Pens and Pear Tree Pens.


Jon said...

I've been using Aurora Black for a few years and so far, it's my favorite black ink. I seem to gravitate towards darker, highly saturated blues. What Private Reserve color is closest to Aurora Blue?

Philip Thomas said...

Beautiful photographs, Stephanie. They have really evolved with your blog.

Anonymous said...

I like your idea of "sometimes less is more"... Recently I too have decided that I would like to have fewer ink choices on my shelf. In fact, I found my favorite two colors -- one for notes and the other for personal writing. I have always liked blue inks for personal writing, like in journals, but the many blues that I have all seem to be too dark for me at the present time. It is hard to tell if Aurora is similar to Sailor (one that I have) by looking at the photo here. Could you post the original size on Flickr in future, so we can zoom to see the details?

BTW, my favorite blue is Pilot Iroshizuku Ajisai. It is lighter than Sailor, but has a nice quality on off-white paper (though bleeds through Moleskine terribly with a Pilot medium nib). No more Moleskine for me!

Biffybeans said...

Hi Jon - I don't really have any experience with Private Reserve Inks... Anyone else know?

Phillip, thank you for the kind words about my images. I certainly try....

Anon - Side by side, the Sailor is more green and the Aurora cooler in tone. And no... Moleskine's aren't really a friend of fountain pen inks.

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