Thursday, March 25, 2010

Review: Diamine China Blue Fountain Pen Ink

Diamine China Blue

Diamine China Blue fountain pen ink tested in an medium nibbed Sailor Sapporo fountain pen. Paperblanks off-white ruled journal & Bloc Rhodia pad.

I'm so lost on blue inks... tried so many (soooo similar) that I can't tell what I like any more.

A dark saturated great flowing mid-dark blue. I can't find any other similar colors.

Doesn't look like Herbin's Eclat de Saphir, Bleu Nuit, Bleu Myosotis, Lamy Blue, Sailor Blue, Diamine's Majestic Blue, Royal Blue, Presidential Blue, Washable Blue or Imperial Blue.

It's just a blue. A nice blue. Maybe I will keep it. Not sure. I like it better on off-white than white.

Buy Diamine Inks in the UK at The Writing Desk or directly from Diamine and in the US from The Pear Tree Pen Company Ink is sold in 80ml glass bottles, 30 ml plastic bottles, and selected colors are available in cartridge form.


Ryan @ The Pear Tree said...

Big fan of China Blue over here. In some of my testing, I've seen it take somewhat of a vintage-y look when it's dry. I really like it, too!

Mr. Guilt said...

The China Blue is my current favorite blue, though I really haven't done a formal comparison to the other blues I tend to use (Diamine's Mediterranean blue or Pelikan's Royal Blue). It seems, to my eyes, to be a very true blue, with a more matte finish.

Right now, it's my emergency "at work" bottle of ink. Perhaps I need to trade it with the Mediterranean Blue (which skews a bit too green for my taste).

You are right, though. Diamine (as well as Noodler's) produce so many variations of blue (or other basics) that it becomes hard to truly distinguish between shades. It's somewhat of the reverse of the situation that existed ten or so years ago. Each brand might have one or two shades of blue, and there might be variance between brands, but the industry might have had 10 or so shades of blue; not a give brand.

...and let's not get started about our choices in green!

Marina said...

Starry, starry night
Flaming flowers that brightly blaze
swirling clouds in violet haze
reflect in Vincent's eyes of China blue...

I've thought about buying it just because of this song about Van Gogh :)

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