Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Review: Diamine Amber Fountain Pen Ink

Diamine Amber Ink

Diamine Amber fountain pen ink tested in a extra fine nibbed Lamy Studio fountain pen. Paperblanks off-white ruled journal.

Slightly darker version of the Sunshine Yellow though not as bright. Very nice flow and pretty well saturated for a yellow. Nice shading but difficult to see.

Unsure of what conditions would be right to use this ink with how difficult it is to see. I'd be more prone to paint with it or at the very least, use it in a very wide nibbed pen.

Buy Diamine Inks in the UK at The Writing Desk or directly from Diamine and in the US from The Pear Tree Pen Company Ink is sold in 80ml glass bottles, 30 ml plastic bottles, and selected colors are available in cartridge form.

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