Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My New Best Friend.

My New Best Friend

Is it silly of me to be so excited about my new pocket thesaurus?

I know that I can Google for synonyms, but those sites always seem to be filled with pop-ups and well, I just wanted something I could hold in my hand and carry from room to room and use when I'm not on the computer.

I almost bought one online, but ended up picking this one out of about a dozen at Barnes & Noble. I chose this one not just for its portability, but for the "I need bi-focals" factor as well. Many of the other books I found had such eensy weensy print that I had to pass... This one has each entry colored blue and is also in a larger font.

While this link appears to be the same book, (I checked the ISBN) it's showing a hardcover and mine is not. It's not showing on Amazon, so I'm wondering if it's published special for B&N.

And please don't ask me for another word for thesaurus... :o)

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