Monday, January 4, 2010

Review: Fabriano Blocco per Artisti Watercolor Blocks

What wonderful paper.... Watercolor mandala

A while back I received a sample of Fabriano Blocco per Artisti Watercolor paper from Savior Faire and this is one of those products that's just so amazing that I'm afraid to use it for fear of not having the money to buy more.... (And no - it's not THAT expensive.)

The paper is slightly off-white and has one of the most interesting cold press surfaces I've ever used with watercolor media. Paint moved across the paper with ease.... (And I usually prefer hot press paper!)

The only problem I see is that I can only find one online retailer that sells it, and it's only in larger block form. (I prefer to work small.) Buy it at Rexart.

Paper details are as follows:
  • 140lb (300g/m²)
  • Cold Press Surface
  • Traditional White
  • Mould-Made
  • 50% Cotton
  • Acid-Free
  • Internal/External Sizing


Inkstained said...

It's such a beautiful paper, isn't it? Though it's becoming quite harder to find also here in Italy and I can't find informartions if it's been phased out or what.

Gentian said...

They started selling it at the university book store here. I'm going to buy a block soon.

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