Thursday, January 7, 2010

Art on Black Paper 4 : Silver on Black

silver on black mandala

This first image was done on one of the final pages of a pad of Strathmore Artagain paper. It's not my favorite black paper, (Canson's Mi- Teintes is) because the surface is too smooth.

Silver Mandala on Black

These next 4 mandalas were done in a Strathmore field book with black pages. (I found it at Michael's) The paper is still too smooth for my tastes, but I like that it's spiral and that I can fold the cover back on itself. What I really need to do is have someone make me a book out of the Mi- Teintes paper.

Silver Mandala on Black

The silver gel pens are various brands that I bought from Jetpens. They have a great selection of silver & white pens great for this purpose.

Silver Mandala on Black

Jetpens also has a great comparison article about their different white pens.

Silver Mandala on Black


Heather Mattern said...

I absolutely adore this!!!

Anne-Sophie said...

Gorgeous designs!

These silver on black works need to be made into something! :)
Fabric is the most obvious, especially if you make a dark purple, dark pink, dark burnt orange, dark teal and night blue offering for the background.

They would make a great curtains for a teen or a child of the 70's or 60's room and of course would be great for garment designs.

As far as making a notebook out of Canson Mi-Teintes sheets, using a 3 holes punch and small cheap binder rings could be a solution.
If 3 rings do not feel secure enough to handle the rotation you subject your notebooks with each mandala design, punching 2 more holes might work for you, you can do that by offsetting the 3 holes punch a little.
Just an idea! :)

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