Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Summer of the Sidewalk Mandala


I had the most glorious summer putting chalk to the ground.

Sidewalk Mandalas

I made these with the help of friends and neighbors...

Sidewalk mandala outside the Boilerhouse

I put them all over the place at this year's Rhythm Renewal retreat in Loretto PA.

Everyone helping draw a huge mandala at Paul's

One of my favorites was this one that we did at night. I started it and about 25 people helped to make it bigger and bigger....

RR 2009 058

It was glorious.... And though the rain washed it away that night, the memory definitely remains.

1 comment:

Pat said...

Hi, BB
What a wonderful 'hippy' thing to do! I'm enjoying your pictures. The group one reminds me of those spontaneous group dances we see on YouTube.

Tibetan Buddhists also do similar works in sand (I think). Sorry not to recall the name of them, but they also physically disappear, but spiritually they never fade away. Just like your mandalas.

Thanks for sharing with me and Twitter.
Love and Light,

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