Thursday, December 31, 2009

Glancing Back While Looking Forward

Batik Mandala. Bombay White, Diamine Imperial Purple, Brilliant Red, Orange & Yellow

As if the year drawing to a close isn't reason enough to reflect on the last 12 months, having a birthday on December 31st often sends me into a contemplative tailspin. I think about the good, the bad and the indifferent- about how to use those experiences to make the next year even better than the last.

For me, 2009 was an intense year of personal growth. I learned so much about myself and how I believe the world to work - and how my perceptions affect my reality. The number one thing I will be rolling into 2010 and beyond is that thoughts create form and that the power of positive thinking works.

I wouldn't have come to these (and a million other) realizations without the support of a patient and loving husband, and the friendship of some incredibly amazing people.... these are just a few.

My boys....

Me & Debbie


Beth T Irwin said...

Happy Birthday from one of the pen, ink, and paper contingent. You rock!

JoniB said...

Happy, happy birthday! And I wish you continuous blessings in 2010!

Anne-Sophie said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie!

You are the most inspiring of artist, woman whose smile just lights up a room or cyberspace and a great reviewer.

Be proud of all your accomplishments!

Drive carefully!

Julia Pankratova said...

Hi! ;-)

I found your blog yesterday and reading and reading it. Thank you so much for all your reviews and ideas for Mandalas. I started to create them too this year, I posted one to my blog today.

Definitely I'm going to find some products and try it. I wish you all the best in New Year.


B2-kun said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your party with your family and friends and best wishes for 2010!

Unknown said...

Happy Late Birthday, Stephanie! :)

Lexi0514 said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie. Love your blog and you have helped me spend lots of $$$ with your awesome reviews. Keep up the great work in 2010.

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