Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Finishing a Sketchbook or Journal

Different colors mandala

If you saw my post from last week, you probably know that I tend to have quite a few sketchbooks and journals in play at any given time. What I may have failed to mention is that sometimes that becomes a bit much for me. I actually start to crave the ending of one. I want to place it on the "finished" pile and move on to another.

And as such, I have good news to report for this past 10 days or so. I finished not one, not two but FIVE books. (Yes.. I had really put my mind to it) I finished every last page in both a small and large Cachet watercolor book, every page in a small watercolor Moleskine (I think I had started that one over two years ago...) a 5x8" Canson Universal Sketchbook AND a large Rhodia Webbie.

I struggled with choosing a new journal after finishing the Webbie - because I have several different ones lying in wait and I like to switch back & forth. This is what I had to choose from: 1 Md blank Ecosystem, 1 Lg Orange Webbie, 2 Ultra Paperblanks, 1 Midi Paperblanks, 1 Lg Orange Cartesio, 1 pocket leather Allan's Journal, 1 Lg Pentalic, 2 Lg Piccadilly, 1 Miquelrius Spiral, 1 Clairefontaine 5x8 clothbound, 1 spiral 5x8 Clairefontaine with pockets, and 2 Lg leather bound ePure..... (in orange & black) I finally settled on one of the blank Ultra Paperblanks in the Bavarian Wildflower design. The paper isn't quite as smooth as that in the Webbie but it is off-white (my preference) and I like blank paper rather than ruled for the occasional journal doodle. It is a bit larger that I'm used to, and the corners of the book and paper are squared rather than round but I'll work my way through it. (Corners dig into my hand as I reach the bottom of the page. )

Now on the sketchbook front, I still have quite a few to finish. 3 Fabriano Artist Journals in Lg, Sm & Square, a Clairefontaine sketch, a Lg Cachet watercolor book, a Clairefontaine watercolor book, a Fabriano Venezia and an Exacompta Sketchbook. I am trying hard to not open any new ones until I finish more than a few of these. Lying in wait? 3 sm Cachet watercolor books, (bought on clearance at Blick) an Exacompta sketch and a pocket Paperblanks sketch. I think that's all..... or is it?

Biff loves paper.


gypsy said...

Five books finished is fabulous! It's scary that I understand. I just finished 2 watercolor journals and started 2 new journals. I would hesitate to count the art journals and altered books awaiting completion. But I love the chaotic feel to having so much going on, different sizes, different purposes. Wonderful post!

Anonymous said...

Biffy, you had FIFTEEN new journals to choose from? Biffy loves paper indeed.

I must ask: WHAT do you write about that takes so many journals (finishing five off, etc?)

Hope you had a great holiday!


Stephanie "Biffybeans" Smith said...

Gypsy - different purposes... for sure. Sometimes I just prefer to use one over another.

Anon.... yes. :o) I have a couple of products sitting around that I received for review. And what do I write about? Well... some journals/sketchbooks are just for art. Art w/ pen & ink, marker, watercolor... and then I have separate books for different writings. One is a project book for Rhodia Drive, another for a special writing project, I keep a "lists" book, one for aspirations, and one main one for daily ramblings and memoirs.

Unknown said...

I have a lot of sketchbooks to finish too. I think I have been very detailed with my drawing in them in recent years so they go slowly. I have gone through a lot of spiral bound sketchbooks I usually do practice calligraphy or test out materials in those. Plus it is like you said, it's easier to work in it if you like the paper.

That's great you finished a number of them though! It's exciting to start a new book.

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