Thursday, December 3, 2009

Drummer & Dancer friends - You've GOT to check out Jim Donovan's New World Rhythm Seeds CD!

From the first moment I heard a clip from Jim's new World Rhythm Seeds CD, I knew it was going to be fantastic and upon listening to the whole thing about 2 dozen times over the last week, I'd say I was spot on.

Designed to be a play-along audio tool for hand drum percussionists, he recorded it with a lot of low drum sounds so you can play just about any drum with it. Djembe, conga, even drum kit! I like playing along with the shaker & bell patterns and my husband likes playing guitar along with it.

The rhythms are super groovy and also lend themselves quite nicely to dancing about the kitchen while in between writing blog posts. I dare you to try not tapping your feet during the Samba Reggae piece!

Jim in the studio recording World Rhythm Seeds

A great gift for any drummer or dancer that appreciates world percussion, you can buy it now from Jim's site.

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