Friday, December 4, 2009

Care Package of Daniel Smith Watercolor Paints From Gentian

Gentian is Awesome

My amazing artist friend Gentian from the blog Drawing With a Squirrel sent me this amazing care package of Daniel Smith Watercolor paints (and pens too!) that I had been wanting to try.

  • In the tube, Daniel Smith Pyrrol Scarlet. I'm trying to find an alternative to my Holbein Cadmium Red Deep.
  • Daniel Smith Organic Vermillion - another red alternative
  • Daniel Smith Pthalo Blue (RS) - I am TOTALLY loving this color. Probably going to ditch my Ultramarines... (Too light)
  • Daniel Smith Transparent Pyrrol Orange - I was already using this one and totally loving it. One of my fav colors from Daniel Smith.
  • Daniel Smith Qinacridone Violet - Liking this.. need to compare to the violets I already have.
  • Daniel Smith Moonglow - Unsure of this one.... Reminds me of Diamine's Damson ink.
  • Daniel Smith Qinacridone Red - a pinky red that I'm totally loving!
  • Daniel Smith Opera Pink - how can I NOT love this color!
  • Daniel Smith Carbazole Violet - very, very purple.
  • Uniball Signo 207 Black - Love the Uniball pens!
  • Blue-Black Uniball Signo .5 - Hadn't seen the Blue-Black before and I am totally in love....
Thanks so much Gentian- very grateful for the opportunity to play!


Unknown said...

Your welcome! I love the Phthalo Blue Red Shade. It's one of my favourites along with their Inadthrone blue :D

I really like moonglow for shadows. (I use it a lot for that reason.) It also works great as a mixing colour. Sometimes it can create really unique textures if combined with Phthalo Blue and Prussian Blue. Nice with greens too. :)

marianne said...

What gorgeous colors!
I am hooked to my liquid watercolors but these sure look bright too!

Ann Christine Dennison said...

I have some Daniel Smith watercolours too, they are really fantastic to use. I have some of these colours, they are very beautiful together :-)

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