Monday, November 30, 2009

New Use for Fountain Pen Inks

White on Magenta Mandala

I've always enjoyed using light colored inks on dark paper, and I think I've come up with a new way to do it. I've seen art journalists color a page and then create art over it and so I thought I'd try and do something similar. I sort of have an overabundance of fountain pen ink samples from Diamine, and so on my last trip to Michael's craft store, I picked up a package of small inexpensive sponge brushes.

I poured a small amount of the ink into a bowl and then dipped the sponge brush into the bowl and then simply brushed it across the paper. Using this method, it was easy to cover the paper in a relatively even opaque manner. I've also tried pouring the ink directly on the paper which also works, but gives a different result. (You get interesting blotches that appear on the dried page.) Pouring the ink directly on the sponge gives yet a different effect, and I find that you have to repeatedly apply the ink onto the brush to cover the page. (And you may get streaks because it dries faster than you might think)

When applying the ink to the paper in my Canson Universal sketch pad shown above, I found that the ink dried quickly and then left the paper pretty flat - no real curling or buckling as you might find with watercolors. Surprisingly, it also does not bleed through on this paper or in the Webbie below. (I have seen it bleed through in my Fabriano Artist's journal and also in a blank Ecosystem journal.) I don't usually work on both sides of the paper in a sketch book, though with the Canson, I'd be willing to bet that you could use a different colored ink on each side. (I should try that)

White on Mandala

Painting with a few different ink colors in a Rhodia Webbie. The Webbie uses a high grade writing paper that is more resistant to wet media and because of that, I did experience a little bit of buckling.

Painting with Fountain Pen Ink

Lastly, this was in a Cachet watercolor book and I was looking to see how the inks might blend if I tried some wet in wet applications. I was quite pleased, though the actual image is darker than this appears and a bit more purple that the photo could reproduce.


Beth T Irwin said...

I like the variation, I guess you'd say streaks, in the yellow-orange one in the middle.

This never would have occurred to me.

Is it possible to do a design using way crayons, then pouring ink over, sort of like Easter egg coloring kits? I'd be interested to see what color variations you'd get from the fountain pen inks.

Lanz said...

You can get some really interesting effects by placing a large drop of ink on the paper - works best if the paper isn't too absorbent - and blowing it around with a soda straw.

Stephanie "Biffybeans" Smith said...

Beth - you gave me two good ideas... I will try the crayons - and I also have a bottle of White India Ink... I wonder if I can paint the page like Batik, then go over it with the FP inks? Can't wait to try -

Lanz - I will try that as well!

Unknown said...

Wax resist is fun like Beth suggested. :)

You could try masking fluid as well. Might be fun :)

Carmen said...

The bold colors are gorgeous!

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