Monday, November 2, 2009

Multi-Media Mandala

Multi Media Mandala

I'm REALLY liking the way this one turned out.

I started off with a wash of different watercolors in a linen covered Cachet watercolor book. (I used to buy them at Blick but it seems as though they are no longer carrying them.) I then decided to try "masking" - that is to cover sections of the paper with a masking substance and then painting over it. In this case, I simply ripped pieces off of a roll of masking/painters tape and applied it in a random pattern. After I had the tape where I wanted it, I painted over it with another layer of the same watercolor paints.

Eager to see the results, I dried the paper using a hairdryer and peeled off the tape with the tip of an Exacto blade. It pretty much removed cleanly - only a small section of the paper came up with the end of one of the tape pieces. (I was able to cover it up.)

It looked pretty interesting at this point, but I knew it wasn't finished. I showed it to my husband and he suggested that I do a big black mandala over it and so that's just what I did. It was still just okay at that point and so I let it sit for a few days. When I picked it up again, I got inspired to add a little flair to it using a silver Pentel gel pen. And now I like it very much. :o)


Lauren said...

Wow, this is really stunning and very inspiring! Am planning to do a massive 3ft x 3ft mandala soon so loving the chance to do something different. Have been doing monoprints with Noodler's ink off glass as a background too, that gives a great textural background for mandala work. You're right to be proud of this one!

Simple Living Blogger said...

I love this and think this is your best mandala yet... and that's really saying something, considering a) how much I like all your work and b) how many of these you've done! Keep going with this new technique... This one really stands out in my memory. :)

B2-kun said...

Quite a striking design with a very nice sense of depth. The silver gel ink really makes it pop forward.

Unknown said...

Lovely! It always helps to leave pieces alone for a few days I think.

forcryeye said...

Turned out great! Have you ever used liquid frisket for masking? It is delightful!!!

marianne said...

Wow this turned out wonderful.
Thanks for explaining the proces.

Anne-Sophie said...

Just Amazing!

Your choice of colors and designs are always surprising and mind blowing!

Keep us posted on your paper to fabric mandala project.

I am so looking forward to see something new in the fabric arena that is has not be copied from past eras, I could burst!

You mandalas are it!

I won't stop bugging you until I see one of them in a magazine.
Quilting or fashion, I don't care, I just want to see your work recognized! :)

You are such an amazing artist and yes, I know you are busy. :)

Thanks for your blog and your wonderful works of art.

I also want to thank you for opening my eyes to the world of percussion.

I don't play but listening, singing and dancing with the rhythm has been a great way to keep the mind and body in balance in the last few months.

Thanks Again :)

Stephanie "Biffybeans" Smith said...

Lauren - thank you so much! I've yet to do anything big except for sidewalk chalk mandalas. I should try some monoprints - I surely have enough ink to try!

Janine - thank you so very much! I like this one as well. (And I'm up to about 700.....) Ack!

Alberto - thanks! It looks ever better in person. I wish I could manage better images to share.

Plo - no - haven't tried frisket yet. One of these days I will pick up some kind of masking solution from Blick.

Marianne - thank you and your welcome!

Anne-Sophie - thank you for your kind words. :o) Much appreciated.

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